Jaden Ivey, #1 Point Guard Prospect in 2022 NBA Draft

Pointing Out the Guards: Top Point Guards in the 2022 NBA Draft Class

Point Guard is a needed position in the league, but there are not many starting caliber options this year, in face only two Points make my top thirty and only five are in my top sixty. I see a lot of the older points in this class as more of an option for a 2-Way contract and a lot of the younger guys need another year to work on their games.

Overall rankings are a reflections of each prospect’s position in the latest big board update.


3rd Overall: Jaden Ivey

20: 6’4 200 Guard Purdue Comp= Donovan Mitchell

Ivey could be the number one pick in the draft. He is a monster in transition, his shot is becoming more consistent, he has decent vision and his athleticism will be outlier even in the NBA. 

9th Overall: Tyty Washington

20: 6’3 175 Guard Kentucky. Comp= Brandon Knight Ish

Tyty is a great passer and a decent defender, but he struggles to get by people as a ball handler and can sometimes look more like an off ball guard than a point guard. 

31st Overall: Jean Montero

19: 6’2 180 Point Overtime Elite (Dominican Republic). Comp= Something between Schröder and Fox.

Jean is in the Overtime Elite and it is insanely hard to figure out how to peg him. He can’t shoot well and his turnovers seem to be a problem. If anyone other than Jaden and Tyty do turn it around and become meaningful starters I would bet on Jean.

32nd Overall: JD Davidson

19: 6’3 175 Guard Alabama. Comp= Dennis Smith jr. 

JD is one of the best athletes in the entire draft. His highlights look like a lotto talent. Davidson actually could probably use another year of college to really learn how to play point guard and it would really help his overall stats. 

42nd Overall: Kennedy Chandler

19: 6’ 172 Point Tennessee. Comp= Cam Payne 

Chandler is smaller than Trae Young who also can’t pass or score like Trae. While Chandler is a good college defender that doesn’t seem like it will translate to the NBA. Hopefully he sticks as a solid sixth man type in the league. 

46th Overall: Iverson Molinar

22: 6’1 190 Point Mississippi St. (Panama) Comp= Trey Burke 

Iverson is the best of the older guards who will be fighting for those backup spark plug roles. He will be drafted I think unless something drastic happens. 

77th Overall: Jahvon Quinerly

22: 6’1 175 Point Alabama. Comp= Shane Larkin

Jahvon was at one time supposed to be a top 10 pick, but he never figured out how to turn those tools into the right kind of production. We can hope he turns into a good backup and I think teams should target him as an undrafted free agent. 

79th Overall: Tyson Etienne

22: 6’2 200 Guard Wichita St. Comp= Poor mans FVV. 

Tyson is someone who can score all over but struggles on defense and athletically. He could make it onto a roster in the late draft or as a UDFA. 

80th Overall: Collin Gillespie

22: 6’3 195 Point Villanova. Comp= Jalen Brunson lite. 

Gillespie is a fantastic offensive player but he doesn’t seem to be a good defender and will struggle to fit in the league. 

81st Overall: Scottie Pippen jr

22: 6’3 160 Guard Vanderbilt. Comp= Derick Fisher 

Scottie will get his chance in the league probably quickly because of his pedigree. Hopefully he sticks, because some of the tools for Pippen jr are elite. 

83rd Overall: Andrew Nembhard

22: 6’5 193 Guard Gonzaga (Canada). Comp= George Hill lite. 

Andrew is just a great backup guard level prospect. He might not have the upside of the others in the class but he might stick around in the g-league or Europe if the misses the league.

93rd Overall: Eric Gaines

20: 6’2 170 Point LSU. Comp= Mookie Blaylock. 

Eric could be one of the better point guards in the draft his POA defense is incredible on the college level but his body has to develop.  He is basically a zero on offense right now and that will improve if he spends more time at LSU. 

94th Overall: Mike Miles

20: 6’2 195 Point TCU. Comp= Jalen Brunson lite 

Miles could be much higher on this list. I only have him this low because I think he needs to stay at TCU another year to really break out. 

96th Overall: Taran Armstrong

19: 6’5 180 Point CBU. (Australia) Comp= Tomas Satoransky.

Armstrong is the best passer in the class. I think he needs to transfer to another team in order to get a better competition level and better coaching. 

97th Overall: Tyrese Hunter

19: 6’1 160 Point Iowa State. Comp= Steve Francis lite. 

Hunter is a solid prospect and will probably be in the first round discussion next year. 

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