Ron Holland, potential #1 2024 NBA draft pick

2024 NBA Mock Draft

As the basketball world eagerly anticipates the next crop of promising talent, the 2024 NBA Mock Draft emerges as a tantalizing glimpse into the future of the sport. With a blend of seasoned college standouts and rising international prospects, this year’s draft class holds the potential to reshape the league’s landscape. From potential franchise cornerstones to hidden gems ready to shine, the selections are rife with intrigue and speculation. In this comprehensive breakdown, we delve into the prospects that have scouts buzzing and examine the potential destinations that await them on draft night.

Beyond individual player potential, the 2024 NBA Mock Draft also carries significant implications for the teams involved. Struggling franchises yearn for transformative players who can resurrect their fortunes, while established teams seek complementary pieces to bolster their championship aspirations. The intricate dance of trades, surprises, and strategic selections will ultimately shape the league’s competitive balance for years to come.

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2024 NBA Mock Draft: Round 1

1- Houston Rockets: Ron Holland

19: 6’8 195 Forward Texas. Comp= Harrison Barnes

Finally after years of trying Houston gets the first overall pick… in a class with no clear number one guy… well they take Holland. He’s easy to fit in with the Houston core. A strong multi positional defender with a questionable offensive ceiling. 

2- Detroit Pistons: Matas Buzelis

19: 6’9 195 Point Forward Ignite. Comp= Lamar Odom

The pistons here try to get a big that can do anything other than defend and dunk. Duren has potential but will need a floor spacer that Stewart and Wiseman and Bagley all appear to have no interest in becoming. 

3- Utah Jazz: DJ Wagner

19: 6’4 165 Guard Kentucky. Comp= less athletic JR Smith 

The Jazz need back court help. I am a bigger Wagner fan than Collier but could easily be talked into the other one. 

4- Brooklyn Nets: Isaiah Collier

19: 6’3 180 Point USC. Comp= Poor mans Baron Davis

Brooklyn needs someone with star potential. Collier is maybe that if you squint hard enough. 

5- Washington Wizards: Justin Edwards

6’7 180 Wing Kentucky. Comp= Poor mans Glen Rice 

Edwards is just not a sexy pick but he’s a good one. Looks to be a good 3 and D role player at the NBA level. 

6- Portland Trailblazers: Donavan Clingan

20: 6’10 220 Pivot UCONN. Comp= Ivica Zubac

The blazers need a big man of the future. I could easily see myself changing and going for Almansa but Clingan seems to be the best big in the class at this point. 

7- Charlotte Hornets: Izan Almansa

19: 6’10 220 Big Ignite (Spain). Comp= Bosh?

Charlotte needs talent. Almansa is that. He is one of those bigs that can really move around the court on both sides of the ball. 

8- San Antonio Spurs: Milan Momcilovic

19: 6’8 205 Forward Iowa St. Comp= Doug McDermott 

Spurs here just go for the best fit available. 

9- San Antonio Spurs (From Toronto): Stephon Castle

19: 6’6 205 Wing UCONN. Comp= Smaller, less explosive Paul George 

Having two lotto picks mean the Spurs can shoot for the moon with this pick hoping that Castle can put all the pieces together. 

10- Orlando Magic: Andrej Stoakavic

19: 6’6 185 Wing Stanford (Greece). Comp= Marco Bellinelli

Orlando once again goes slightly down the board to get a shooter. Andrej could easily make this look like a great pick. 

11- Indiana Pacers: Mackenzie Mgbako

19: 6’8 210 Big Indiana (Nigeria). Comp= Dale Davis 

The Pacers don’t have to leave the state to find a nasty compliment for both Turner and Walker in the front court. 

12- New Orleans Hornets: Elmarko Jackson

19: 6’3 185 Guard Kansas. Comp= Patrick Beverley

I am not an Elmarko guy but a ton of people are. He seems to be a NASTY defender though and the Hornets could really use another guy on the perimeter. 

13- Minnesota Timberwolves: Cody Williams

19: 6’8 180 Forward Colorado. Comp=  Kyle Anderson

Cody is super unique. He is one of the smoothest players I’ve ever watched… the problem is this. Is he playing at his own pace? Or is he just athletically out matched? I honestly think the wolves have had a ton of success with those kinds of players lately so I hope they make him work here. 

14- New York Knicks (From Dallas): Kyle Filipowski

20: 6’11 200 Big Duke. Comp= Shorter Vlade Divac 

The Knicks here take a super skilled big to fit into their future plans. His skill set is a great match for Brunson and Hart. 

15- Chicago Bulls: Ja’Kobe Walter

19: 6’5 180 Guard Baylor. Comp= Super Skinny less athletic DeMar DeRozen 

Walter loves the mid range. It’s beautiful to watch. Does it fit into the modern game? Chicago seems to think it can so they swing on him. 

16- Atlanta Hawks: Nikola Durisic

20: 6’8 220 Point Forward KK Mega Leaks (Belgium/Serbia). Comp= Kostas Papanikolaou 

The hawks need another wing. There isn’t a great option for defense so they go all out on offense here. 

17- New York Knicks: Tucker DeVries

21: 6’7 210 Wing Drake. Comp= Doug McDermott 

The Knicks add another shooter to help here. He’s such a good shooter here and his size would help on the wing. 

18- Oklahoma City Thunder: Judah Mintz

20: 6’3 165 Guard Syracuse. Comp= Brandon Knight ish 

OKC always goes with ceiling it seems like. Judah, if he can learn to shoot, is an all star. If he can’t he struggles on the bench. 

19- Indiana Pacers (From Clippers): Thierry Darlan

20: 6’6 190 Point G League Ignite (Central Africa Republic). Comp= Spencer Dinwiddie. 

The pacers would love a pure 3. But one who can also handle the ball is a nice way to settle here. 

20- Cleveland Cavaliers: Kwame Evans Jr.

19: 6’9 200 Forward Oregon. Comp= Jonathan Isaac

The Cavs getting a defensive stud that can slide into the starting wing spot is fun. Now if Mitchell decides he can at least stand between the hoop and his man in the playoffs they could make noise. 

21- Atlanta Hawks (From Sacramento): Zaccharie Risacher

19: 6’8 210 Forward ASVL. Comp= Nick Batum 

The Hawks now do the exact opposite. They go all in on defense instead of offense. 

22- Miami Heat: Adem Bona

20: 6’9 225 Big UCLA (Nigeria/Turkey). Comp= Clint Capela.

The heat here take a big, they have had some success with playing Bam with other bigs. Based on who is left this might work especially if Bona can succeed next to Mara this year. 

23- Boston Celtics (From Golden State): Baye Fall

19: 6’10 205 Pivot Arkansas (Senegal). Comp= Kevon Looney

As someone who lives about 100 miles from Fall’s home town I am excited for his success. His athleticism is insane and his potential to switch is nice to me. 

24- Philadelphia 76ers: Caleb Foster

19: 6’5 190 Guard Duke. Comp= Derrick White 

The Sixers need to replace Harden. Hopefully this works. Foster is a good all around guard. 

25- New Orleans Pelicans (From Lakers): Alexander Sarr

19: 7’1 210 Pivot Perth. Comp= Willie Cauley-Stine 

Sarr to me is an excellent fit next to Zion. His got the mobility to switch and the strength to take some abuse. 

26- Memphis Grizzlies: Tyrese Proctor

20: 6’4 175 Point Duke (Australia). Comp= Dante Exum. 

With Jones gone the Grizz could use a backup guard for when Ja/Marcus are injured/suspended like usual. 

27- Boston Celtics: Mark Armstrong

20: 6’2 185 Point Villanova. Comp= Colin Sexton lite 

The Celtics here take a fun swing at a guard who hopefully can take some of the pressure off the vets. 

28- Phoenix Suns: Mookie Cook

6’7 200 Forward Oregon. Comp= Miles Bridges 

Ok, Mookie is weird. I think I like him but I’m just gonna need to see it at the next level. 

29- Milwaukee Bucks: Coleman Hawkins

22: 6’10 200 Forward Illinois. Comp= Royce White ish 

The bucks go with a solid vet. Hawkins does a little bit of everything at his size. 

30- Denver Nuggets: Riley Kugel

20: 6’4 175 Guard Florida  Comp= Dion Waiters 

The Nuggets take advantage of just being able to take the best player available. 

Honorable Mentions / Top picks for Round 2:

1. JJ Starling- 20: 6’4 200 Guard Notre Dame. Comp= Josh Green

2. Trey Alexander- 22: 6’4 185 Wing. Creighton. Comp= Deshawn Stephenson 

3. Mike Sharavjamts- 20: 6’8 180 Forward Dayton (Mongolia). Comp= Poku 

4. DaRon Holmes- 21: 6’10 220 Big Dayton. Comp= Amir Johnson

5. Zvonimir Ivisic- 19: 7’3 220 Pivot SC Derby (Croatia). Comp= Shawn Bradley lite. 

6. Trevon Brazile- 21: 6’9 200 Big Arkansas. Comp= Larry Nance Jr. 

7. Dillon Mitchell- 20: 6’7 200 Forward Texas. Comp= Derrek Jones Jr.

8. Kel’El Ware- 20: 6’11 215 Pivot Indiana. Comp= Chris Boucher 

9. Grant Nelson- 22: 6’10 215 Big North Dakota St. Comp= Dario Saric ish. 

10. Aday Mara- 19: 7’3 245 Pivot Zaragoza (Spain). Comp= Salah Mejeri

As the countdown to the 2024 NBA Draft continues, the basketball world remains captivated by the promises and potentials encapsulated in this year’s mock draft. The amalgamation of talent from diverse backgrounds, combined with the anticipation of which team will land the next generational player, creates an electric atmosphere of excitement and speculation. With the fate of franchises and the dreams of young athletes hanging in the balance, the 2024 NBA Mock Draft stands as a testament to the enduring global appeal of basketball and the constant evolution of the sport we love.

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