Best NBA Draft Twitter Accounts to Follow

The Best NBA Draft Twitter Accounts to Follow

When you know where to look and who to follow, Twitter can be an incredibly useful resource. If you’re an NBA draft obsessive, it’s time to fill your feed with prospect analysis and news. I’ve compiled a list of the 30 best NBA Draft Twitter accounts you should be following.

In a true homage to the NBA Draft world, we’ll break down this list in the form of a big board.

Who are the best follows on NBA Draft Twitter?

1. Sam Vecenie – @Sam_Vecenie

Sam is the Athletic’s main NBA draft guy and you need to follow him. 

2. Rafael Barlowe – @Barlowe500

Rafael is the best international scout who also keeps up with the NCAA. 

3. Chad Ford – @chadfordinsider

Chad is the original draft Twitter guy. 

4. Draft Deeper – @DraftDeeper

Nathan is a fantastic analyst and someone I consider a friend, he really knows his stuff. 

5. John Hollinger – @johnhollinger

John is a former NBA front office guy who now works for the Athletic. HE invented PER and is a really important follow before the draft. 

6. Mavs/Magic Draft – @MavsDraft

Mavs/Magic Draft is the account that got me into draft Twitter and first released my writing to others. I would not be doing this without his encouragement. 

7. Jonathan Givony – @DraftExpress

Jonathan originally started as an independent draft analysis and is now a main cog in ESPN’s draft coverage. Basically- you have to follow him if you want to follow the draft closely. 

8. Matt Pennie – @matt_pennie

Matt is one of the smartest guys on Draft Twitter. 

9. NBA Draft Dude – @CoreyTulaba

Corey is one of the best analysts on Twitter and posts a great variety of content. 

10. PD Web – @abovethebreak3

Web puts in a lot of grassroots work and starts studying prospects in their high school years. 

11. Tyler Rucker – @tyler_rucker

Tyler is a good follow who will always give solid analysis.

12. Simon Rath – @HawksDraftNerd

Simon is one of the best guys at doing this, and is definitely underrated by the draft community at large. 

13. Nate Babcock NBA Draft – @coachnatebdraft

Babcock is one of the best guys at identifying the little things that are either flaws or ways prospects can succeed at the next level.

14. Tyler Metcalf – @tmetcalf11

Tyler is a fantastic follow with unique insights into prospects. 

15. Jeremy Woo – @JeremyWoo

Jeremy is the main draft analyst for Sports Illustrated.

16. Corey Underwood – @JoggersAndSatay

Underwood is one of the best at finding prospects you haven’t heard of. 

17. Matt Babcock – @MattBabcock11

Matt is a pro scout and an excellent follow.

18. Jonathan Wasserman – @NBADraftWass

Wasserman is the best draft analyst for BleacherReport.

19. Draft Dummies – @DraftDummies

Draft Dummies a solid account that is always bringing out good insights. 

20. Mike Schmitz – @Mike_Schmitz

Schmitz is ESPN’s other top draft guy, and he is a must follow to get a grasp on where the pro guys stand. 

21. Alex (Draft Film School) – @DraftFilmSchool

You don’t follow Alex? Follow him, he has content you need to see. 

22. Chip Jones – @ChipJNBA

Chip is a fantastic guy and super helpful, and also knows his stuff when it comes to the draft. 

23. Oscar – @Oscar_NBA

Oscar is a fantastic follow who breaks down prospects in a unique way. 

24. Thunder Draft – @thunder_draft

Dustin is a very hard worker and posts about a wide variety of up-and-coming prospects. 

25. Hoop Talk – @H00p_Talk

Hoop Talk is one of the best accounts to help you work through your draft takes. 

26. Cooper Porter Jr – @Ally_Oop_Coop

Cooper is a Rockets fan (I won’t hold it against him) and provides great prospect analysis. 

27. Stephen Gillespie – @StephenGHoops

Stephen does a ton of work on a wide verity of players. Follow him!

28. Stone Hanson – @report_court

Stone is really good all-around draft follow. He hated Sengun, but hey – we all miss sometimes. 

29. Bryce Hendricks – @BryceHendrick14

Bryce is a young, up-and-coming draft guy who has some entertaining hot takes. 

30. DB Hooper – @DBHooper_

DB Hooper is a small account, but posts amazing content focused on the G-League Ignite and more. 

Don’t forget to also follow me at @HoopSocialDraft and let me know if there are any great NBA Twitter accounts I’ve missed. You can find my big board updates, player profiles, mock drafts and more here on HoopSocial!

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