Marjon Beauchamp 2022 NBA Draft Prospect

2022 NBA Draft Small Forward Rankings

The small forward depth in the 2022 class is absolutely insane. This week I wanted to break down all of them in my top 100. If there is someone you think is missing- check last weeks’ power forward rankings, or the upcoming shooting guard piece. 

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#3 Overall – Adrian Griffin Jr. 

19: 6’7 180 Wing Duke Comp= Jimmy Butler 

The son of former player Adrian Griffin, AJ is only going to be held back by injuries. He is an absolute beast, but he has struggled with injuries leading up to this season. If he gets a clean bill of health he’s going to probably be the most impactful player in the class. 

#10 Overall – Marjon Beauchamp

22: 6’7 225 Wing Ignite. Comp= Josh Howard 

Beauchamp isn’t going to wow you with his scoring, but he is an absolutely perfect complementary wing. Every team is gonna want someone like Marjon in their rotation. 

#15 Overall – Kendall Brown

19: 6’8 210 Wing Baylor. Comp= Smaller AK47 

Brown and Watson are very similar players they show amazing flashes of what they will do in the future and how they can impact winning at the next level. Hopefully he can consistently start hitting from outside and really take the next step. 

#17 Overall – Peyton Watson

19: 6’7 190 Wing UCLA. Comp= Jeff Green

Watson probably cost himself millions of dollars by choosing UCLA instead of a program that would help him more. Jeff Green is his comp not just because of play style, but also because of his ability to completely disappear for games at a time. 

#19 Overall – Jeremy Sochan

19: 6’7 220 Forward Baylor (Poland) comp= taller Matisse Thybulle

Some people have Sochan over his teammate Kendall Brown. I am not quite there yet, but Sochan also could have a fantastic impact as an important defender to a playoff rotation. 

#28 Overall – Jordan Hall

20: 6’8 210 Forward St Joe’s. Comp= Slow Mo lite.

Hall is a fantastic passer who needs to improve on defense, but he could really make a difference for a teams bench immediately and hopefully start. 

#29 Overall – Josh Minott

20: 6’8 205 wing Memphis. Comp= DJJ starter kit. 

Minott is not quite there with his skills, but his flashes are super fun. Hopefully someone can unlock his potential and make him a valuable piece. 

#33 Overall – Caleb Houstan

19: 6’8 210 Wing Michigan (Canada). Comp= Danny Green

Caleb is a shooter who sometimes can’t shoot He is a defender and a smart passer though and a player who will help teams wing depth. 

#34 Overall – Max Christie

19: 6’7 185 Wing Michigan St. Comp= Jeremy Lamb

Max could be fantastic in the right situation. His flashes are there and his consistency is growing. Look for Max to rise up the boards swiftly. 

#38 Overall – Wendell Moore

21: 6’5 216 Wing Duke. Comp= Dahntay Jones 

Moore has become less important for Duke as Griffin has made his appearance. Moore could be a good bench piece for teams though. 

#39 Overall – Julian Champagnie

21: 6’7 217 Forward St.John’s. Comp= Bertans with handle. 

A fantastic shooter and capable ball handler, Julian could stick on a teams rotation playing anywhere from 2-4 on any night. 

#46 Overall – Gabriele Procida 

19: 6’7 185 Forward Fortitudo (Italy). Comp=  Rudy Fernandez

Procida is someone I’m personally high on. I have a feeling by the end of the year I will have him in the first round. An athletic, extremely confident shooter. 

#48 Overall – Christian Braun

20: 6’6 218 Wing Kansas. Comp= Smaller Kevin Huerter

A competent bench wing who can shoot and do a bit of other things. 

#50 Overall – Hyunjung Lee

20: 6’7 210 Wing Davidson (S Korea) Comp= Sasha Vujacic. 

If Lee could play any defense I would have him much higher

#52 Overall – Justin Lewis

20: 6’7 225 Wing Marquette. Comp= Jae Crowder 

Lewis is only this low because I do not believe his coming out this year, but if he declares I will probably move him up quite a bit. 

#53 Overall – Ousmane Dieng

19: 6’7 210 Wing New Zealand Breakers (France). Comp= Nick Batum. 

Dieng has shown some flashes. He has also shown he’s several years away from being able to contribute anything to a team. 

#54 Overall – Isaiah Mosley

22: 6’5 195 Wing Missouri St. Comp= Kevin Martin.

The best scorer in college, Mosley struggles on defense but is a 3 level scorer who is basically unstoppable in the half court, a 6th man role is easily attainable for him. 

#56 Overall – Jamie Jaquez Jr

22: 6’6 220 Wing UCLA. Comp= Adam Morrison 

Some people are super high on Jaquez. I really don t see it. He is a difficult shot taker, but he can’t create anything easy. Adam Morrison was a top 5 pick, hopefully people realize that sometimes that stuff doesn’t translate. 

#61 Overall – Gui Santos

19: 6’6 209 Wing Minas Tênis Clube (Brazil). Comp= Carlos Delfino. 

Santos can do fantastic things on the court and would be a really smart stash candidate for any team. 

#68 Overall – Keon Ellis

22: 6’6 175 Wing Alabama. Comp= Dorian Finney Smith. 

I expect Keon to be drafted. Not everyone ahead of him will enter the draft. All-around wings like him make an impact. 

#69 Overall – Ron Harper jr

21: 6’6 245 Wing Rutgers. Comp= Gary Harris lite 

Harper will make a team. People will bet on his bloodline and confidence, even if its only as a 2-way. 

#70 Overall – Tyler Burton

22: 6’7 215 Forward Richmond. Comp= Doug McDermott lite. 

Shooter shoots shots. That’s your breakdown of Burton. If he doesn’t get drafted he will be an almost immediate pickup by a team. 

 #72 Overall – Dereon Seabron

22: 6’7 180 Wing NC State. Comp= Marcus Smart with less of a jumper. 

Seabron can make a big impact on defense and with his size he might be able to be hidden on offense. 

#73 Overall – Allen Flanigan

21: 6’6 215 Wing Auburn. Comp= Anthony Mason lite.

I, for one, am hoping the bruising defensive point forward makes a comeback in todays NBA. I don’t know that they will, but Flanigan could be one. 

#74 Overall – Jonny Juzang

21: 6’6 210 Wing UCLA. Comp= Kyle Korver. 

An elite midrange shooter, Jonny can get hot but can also run super cold. 

#75 Overall – Marcus Bagley

21: 6’6 215 Forward Arizona St. Comp= Marcus Morris lite

Lately has struggled to build on a nice freshmen campaign. I expect him to stay at Arizona one me year.

#84 Overall – Mathew Mayer

22: 6’9 225 Forward Baylor. Comp= Gordon Hayward lite.

I love Mayer. I have a feeling I will be slowly moving him back up the board. He’s been as high as 24 for me and this is as low as he’s ever been, but his consistency has slowly started to build and I’m beginning to fall back in love with him. 

#89 Overall – Dalen Terry

20: 6’7 195 Wing Arizona. Comp= Bruce Brown. 

A player who cannot shoot is hard to predict getting a role in the NBA, especially one who doesn’t cut off ball enough. 

#93 Overall – Jabari Walker

20: 6’8 200 Forward Colorado. Comp= Sterling Brown

Jabari is just a disappointing player. He’s super generic as a wing.

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