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HoopSocial was founded in 2020 as the first ever comprehensive NBA and WNBA social media directory. As more people became involved with the site, it has transformed into an independent hoops blog covering the NBA, WNBA, draft prospects, betting, and more. You can also find the HoopSocial Podcasts feed on Spotify, Apple, and every other major podcast platform.

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Michael BurnsFounder
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Jordan EnnisSenior Staff Writer
Lead, NBA Draft
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Reilly McDonnellSenior Staff Writer
Leon CollingtonStaff Writer
Nate SchwartzStaff Writer
Dimitris PalamoutakisStaff Writer
Brett UsherContributor
Malachi DavidContributor
Jonathan EnnisContributor
Scott AdamsContributor
Eric LaceyContributor
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Michael ChapmanContributor
Marcus WilsonContributor
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HoopSocial Podcasts Team

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  • Jordan Ennis
  • Jonathan Ennis
Charity Stripe Commentary
  • Marcus Wilson
  • Shawn Lawler
  • Trey Hill
Hoops Temple
  • Dylan Williamson
  • Nathan Schwartz
  • Nico Larsen