Ismael Kamagate: 2022 NBA Draft Prospect

Pyramid of Pivots: The Best 2022 NBA Draft Center Prospects

It’s time to start looking at position breakdowns for the 2022 NBA Draft.

Jalen Duren is far and away the best center prospect, but the draft twitter wisdom seems to be that you don’t draft a center when a much worse center is available later since you will pay him less. That isn’t a realistic way to look at the draft, especially a draft this flat where I don’t expect much trading up. 

That being said, there are 20 centers in my top 100 with 7 making a draft grade for me. 

6 overall – Jalen Duren

18: 6’10 241 Pivot Memphis Comp= More Athletic and Defense minded Jermaine O’Neil

Corey Taluba, on the Draft DAQ podcast, asked this question when trying to put himself in a GMs mindset when they look at Duren work out, “Am I really not supposed to draft the guy who looks like Shaq from Blue Chips?” Any discussion about Duren should be viewed through that lens. Duren’s Floor is the ceiling of the other bigs in this class. While normally you wouldn’t draft a DeAndre Jordan type with a top 10 pick, Duren has the potential to do so much more with some signs of a jumper and some flashes of passing that are eye-opening. 

24 overall – Ismael Kamagate

22: 6’11 230 Pivot Paris (France). Comp= Daniel Gafford with a jumper. 

I was so excited for Kamagate. I’ve been watching him for 2 years but, due to a clerical error I actually thought he was going to be 17 this year not turning 22 his rookie year. This greatly worried me with how raw Ismael is on both sides of the floor but he can really protect the rim and has some nice athletic moments. 

30 overall – Mark Wiliams

20: 7’ 245 Big Duke. Comp= Derrick Favors

Williams is a great rim protector and roll man, but he does worry me when caught in space. I could go either way on him. I do think he will have a long career in the league though. 

33 overall – Walker Kessler

20: 7’1 245 Pivot Auburn.  Comp= Justin Patton  

Kessler is one of the best rim protectors in NCAA history, but in high school he was also considered a shooter. That hasn’t translated yet, but if it does watch out for this guy who is the best college player on the top ranked team in the country. 

43 overall – Trevion Williams

21: 6’10 265 Big Pit. Comp= Glen Davis with passing 

Williams is the second-best passer in this draft class, which is weird for a center. He’s also a decent rebounder and can score with angles. Williams should definitely be drafted, but I’m not exactly sure of his NBA role. He will definitely make a big difference to bench offense. 

44 overall – Christian Koloko

22: 7’ 145 Big Arizona (Cameroon) comp= Poor Mans Mitchell Robinson

Koloko is basically a shot blocker and rim runner. He does nothing else on the floor now, but he could grow into more. Age isn’t on his side, but his work ethic is. 

46 overall – Moussa Diabaté

19: 6’11 210 Big Michigan. (France/Guinea) Comp= Serge Ibaka starter kit

This guy looks fantastic for a young, big but he’s showing flashes more than consistency at this point. I want to see more. 

61 overall – Yannick Nzosa

19: 6’10 200 Big Unicaja (Congo). Comp= Super Tall MKG 

Possibly the fastest big in the class, Yannick is a major negative on offense and can’t really guard centers yet. His potential is massive though. 

64 overall – Ibou Dianko Badji

20: 7’1 240 Pivot FC Barcelona (Senegal). Comp= Hill Motumbo. 

Badji is super intriguing. He’s kind of like Koloko but 2 years younger. 

68 overall – Tristan Vukcevic

19: 6’10 218 Big Real Madrid (Serbia/Greece/Sweden/Spain) Comp= Andrea Bargani 

Tristian is one of the most intriguing shooting bigs available but we don’t know how far along he is without more minutes.

69 overall – Khalifa Diop

19: 6’11 220 Pivot Gran Canaria (Senegal). Comp= Serge Ibaka

Diop has the ability to move way up this list, as he can play defense and can shoot a tiny bit. 

75 overall – Oscar Tshiebwe

22: 6’9 260 Big Kentucky (Congo). Comp= Andre Drummond 

Tshiebwe will have a team fall in love with him. He will definitely land with a team, as many people ahead of him on my list will withdraw from the draft and, even if he misses a draft spot, he will earn a 2-way contract somewhere. 

82 overall – John Butler

19: 7’1 190 Big FSU. Comp= Baby KAT. 

Butler isn’t 190, he’s probably closer to 175. He has flashed some skills, but he can’t put it together yet and probably shouldn’t come out this year. If he waits, he could be a first-rounder next year when he finally puts it all together. 

87 overall – Dominick Barlow

19: 6’9 205 Big OTE. Comp= Brandon Wright 

Barlow is going to be a pro, but the OTE makes me wonder if its an all-star or a pro in Europe. The talent level and entire system around Overtime makes it impossible for me to judge. 

90 overall – Jaylin Williams

20- 6’10 240 Big Arkansas. Comp= Ed Davisish


92 overall – Daimion Collins

19: 6’9 190 Big Kentucky. Comp= Willie Cauley-Stein 

The Kid from a tiny town 20 minutes from my grandparents is going to be something some day, but he’s just way too raw at the moment. 

93 overall – Dawson Garcia

20: 6’11 220 Big UNC. Comp= Isaiah Hartenstine 

Garcia could eventually catch on as a stretch big. 

95 overall – Zach Eddy

20: 7’4 285 Pivot Purdue (Canada). Comp= Boban Marjanovic 

College is designed to make Eddy look incredible. He should stay another year. 

96 overall – Jamarion Sharpe

21: 7’5 235 Pivot Western Kentucky. Comp= Tacko Fall. 

He’s tall. He blocks shots. He is very, very tall. 

100 overall – Drew Timme

21: 6’10 235 Big Gonzaga. Comp= Spencer Hawes with less shooting

Drew Timme is the worst defender in college basketball, but he’s also an incredible offensive force at the NCAA level. 

This class is full of Pivots who might have a chance to make the NBA and one potential Superstar who just has to put flashes together.

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