Write for HoopSocial

Write for HoopSocial

Whether you’re a professional journalist or an everyday hoops fan, your opinions matter. By writing for HoopSocial, our platform will give your content exposure and give you the ability to earn money and boost your personal social media presence. Veteran writers thrive here, but HoopSocial also takes pride in giving opportunities to up-and-coming writers looking for a chance to be heard.

What is HoopSocial?

HoopSocial began in December of 2020 as a series of social media directories for NBA and WNBA teams and players. Over time, the site has transitioned into a content-first approach, and is rapidly gaining followers on social media platforms.

At a glance…

  • Over 36,000 website visitors in 2021
  • Over 2,300 social media follows and counting as of January 2022
  • Rapid Growth: four consecutive record website traffic months (October, November, December, and January)

What can I write about?

HoopSocial is seeking anything basketball-related. We have categories in our blog for the NBA, WNBA, College Basketball, Basketball Betting, Top Shot, Prospects, and are always open to new opportunities and ideas.

Critical pieces are welcomed, as long as they are well thought-out and reasoned. We are not interested in hosting shallow hit-pieces on the site. We try to be forward-thinking, so we are always open to new ideas and pitches from our staff.

Benefits and Compensation

Ad Revenue: Every article that you publish will have one in-article ad (via Google AdSense) for every 300 words. These in-article ads will be 100% credited to you, and you will be paid out each time the account hits a payout threshold. Ad revenue is dependent on the number of impressions and clicks that the ads receive, so promoting your content in addition to HoopSocial’s marketing efforts will help you earn more.

Author Bio: Each one of your posts will feature an author bio where we can include links to your own personal website, podcast, or social media accounts. These will appear on your archive page, as well as every article that is published. This is a great way to establish more credibility for yourself and your own organization(s) among the online basketball community.

Writer Development: Our Senior Editor is very active in working with our staff. He has more than two decades of experience in sports journalism, is a noted author in print and online, and has helped many writers go on to write in College and other professional companies. For those with the interest and aptitude, he is happy to do the same.

You’ll have access to our comprehensive style and grammar guides, and receive as much critical feedback on your work as you would like to get.

Synergy Software: Once you hit a certain threshold of articles submitted, you’ll receive access to the Synergy NBA Deep Dives tool.

How Often Do I Have to Write?

There is no limit and no minimum quota. You can send us one article or 100. Either way, we’re happy to publish quality basketball content to our website. To produce significant ad revenue, it’s important to regularly publish quality content and keep traffic flowing to your articles.

If the content is unique, basketball-related, and high-quality, we are always interested in providing guest post opportunities. Fill in the form below to provide information on your topic idea and the organization we’ll potentially be providing links for.

How to Get Started

Fill in the form below and tell us about yourself! Be sure to include information about your previous writing experience, if you have any, as well as the specific areas that you’d like to cover on the website. We’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible to provide the information and resources we’ll need to get you started!

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