NBA Twitter by the Numbers: Google it.

The crack research department at HoopSocial (me) got to work this weekend to determine which NBA Twitter personalities were the most popular this year on Google.

Using Google’s keyword planner, I’ve analyzed the NBA Twitter-related search queries and compiled a list of the top ten individual accounts by average monthly searches (Oct. ‘19 – Nov. ‘20).

When your account is being Googled at such a high clip, it shows not only an interest in the content you publish, but also that said content transcends the Twitter platform and garners clicks from the outside.

10. James Harden – 1,760

The Beard and his Houston Rockets have seen a lot of change in recent years, but one thing is incredibly consistent: the NBA Twitter world is talking about them. It’s important to note that this list focuses on search volume up until November 2020 – just before Harden Watch consumed us earlier this month.

9. Anthony Davis – 1,940

The brow had arguably the busiest and best year of his life despite a pandemic bringing much of our world to a screeching halt. With a max extension inked this offseason, it’s entirely likely AD will stay on this list for a long time.

8. Kyrie Irving – 2,620

For the past few years, everything Kyrie has said (or not said), has been subject to much scrutiny by fans and media outlets alike. Heading into 2020-21, his pairing with Kevin Durant should ensure he stays top of mind for basketball fans around the globe.

7. Damian Lillard – 4,400

It’s Dame time! The clutch shot maker, rapper, and Twitter beef extraordinaire had fans captivated all year. The Trail Blazers star point guard is poised to have another huge year and keep himself firmly in the spotlight.

6. Zach Lowe – 6,600

With an army of hoops addicts and nerds behind him, Zach has built an impressive brand for himself. Between The Lowe Post podcast, his written pieces for, and appearances on The Jump & Sportscenter, it’s no surprise to see so many fans Googling his social media this year.

5. Michael Jordan – 8,100

Unlike any other time in history, the sports world shut down completely in March 2020. Then, a gift from the basketball gods fell in our laps: The Last Dance. Each Sunday night, fans around the world relived (or learned about) Michael’s ascension to greatness and the Bull’s dynasty of the 90’s. The blockbuster documentary also spiked massive interest in Jordan’s social media – nearly 20 years after Mike retired for good.

4. Stephen Curry 8,270

In a gap year for the Warriors, Steph still had constant interest from fans. The brand he’s built over the past decade is undeniable. However this upcoming season plays out for Curry and the boys in the Bay, fans will want to know what he’s up to on social media.

3. Giannis Antetokounmpo – 9,800

It’s no surprise to see the back-to-back MVP near the top of this list. The Greek Freak is just now entering his athletic prime, and there are no signs pointing to a decline in production. Fans will continue to Google “Giannis Twitter”, and many different misspelled variations of his last name, for years to come.

2. Adrian Wojnarowski – 28,000

Woj dropped bombs on us all year. From player signings in free agency to blockbuster trades, Adrian Wojnarowski’s twitter account is where a large percentage of NBA news breaks first. It should be noted that fellow newsbreaker Shams Charania’s twitter account came in at 720 Gogle searches last year – keep an eye on him to crack this top ten list in the near future!

1. LeBron James – 97,200

Come on, you knew who #1 would be. The King sits atop this throne as he does many others. There’s no doubt that LeBron will keep fans’ interest peaked as long as he’s playing, and probably for years after he calls it quits. Keep an eye on his oldest son, Bronny, who’s twitter account had 720 searches last year – in his Freshman year of High School.

And there you have it – the top ten most Googled NBA Twitter accounts: Something nobody asked for, and you’re welcome.

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