Jimmy Butler and Pat Riley of the Miami Heat

“It’s Not a Phase, Pat!” Jimmy Butler’s Top Three Emo Bands 

Jimmy spotted with an all time Emo look for media day. Based on his look and overall vibes during his press conference, here are his top three favorite emo bands with the song I believe best fit his look.

3. Taking Back Sunday: “Cute without the E (Cut From The Team)”.  Was Damian Lillard only wishful thinking? 

2. Thursday: “Understanding In a Car Crash”. Jimmy not having a ring, he sure doesn’t want to feel this way forever. 

1. My Chemical Romance: “I’m Not Okay I (I Promise)”. I don’t even have to do a lyric pun for this one, just look at him! 

All jokes and puns aside, this was a great look for Jimmy. I hope he pulls this off at some point during the regular season. I can imagine him hitting a jumper, followed by the hair flip. Now that Damian Lilliard was on his way to Milwaukee, the Heat’s championship hopes fall on the shoulders of Jimmy Butler. Having the weight of that on your shoulders, would make anyone go emo. 

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