Cason Wallace 2023 NBA Draft Profile

Cason Wallace is the kind of basketball player you see play and immediately fall in love with. He’s not viewed as one of the top five prospects in the league, but he stands out as a player willing to do whatever it takes to win a game. A highly successful high school player, Wallace is the kind of guy who is either your star player’s favorite teammate or your star player’s least favorite opponent to face.

The 6-foot-4 combo guard has all the tools in the world to become a key player at the NBA level. With good athleticism, size and length to defend multiple positions, the biggest questions for Wallace is his ceiling, and if he’ll be given the opportunity at Kentucky to show his diverse talent and skill set.


The Good


  1. Defensive playmaker – Wallace has great length and is a fantastic athlete for his size. Great anticipation to poke balls away on the perimeter and contest shots.
  1. Good anticipation and quick hands on the perimeter
  1. Great rim protection for a guard


  1. Athleticism to finish at the rim – 
  1. Decent jump shot mechanics with room to grow
  1. Excels in transition

The Bad 


  • Needs to improve his ball handling, especially to create separation against better defensive talent.
  • He’s a good passer, but Wallace can force the issue sometimes, leading to a high turnover count.
  • Shot mechanics look good, but you’d like to see it start going in more consistently.


  • N/A


Jrue Holiday is the most straightforward comparison to Wallace’s game. He has the tools and desire to be one of the best perimeter defenders in basketball. Like Holiday, he’s probably not your primary ball handler even at the point guard spot, but he can be a good secondary ball handler and shooter. Other comparisons for Wallace are Jalen Suggs and Phoenix Eric Bledsoe. His absolute ceiling if he polishes out his game is Gary Payton.

Ideal Fits 

Wallace has the type of game that would fit almost any team, but his best situation is a franchise with another guard and more offensive talent already in place. Currently projected as a late lottery/first-round selection, the Washington Wizards, Portland Trail Blazers and Charlotte Hornets could be ideal landing spots. Culturally, he’d fit right into the Miami Heat backcourt as well he slips lower in the first round.

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