NBA Mock Draft: Top Prospects Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson

2023 NBA Mock Draft 4.0: First & Second Rounds

It’s time for our fourth update on the 2023 NBA mock draft! This class is loading with franchise players, quality starters, and sleeper prospects that could impact a team’s rotation right away.

For this mock, we simulated the lottery with Tankathon NBA Draft Order Simulator. As promised, this update features a full, two-round 2023 mock draft!

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First Round: 2023 NBA Mock Draft

1- Detroit Pistons: Victor Wembanyama

19: 7’4 220 Pivot Metropolitan92 (France). Comp= High School/UCLA Kareem. 

The Pistons go with the obvious top prospect, one who fits well with Cade and Ivey. 

2- Chicago Bulls: Scoot Henderson

19: 6’2 180 Point Ignite. Comp= John Wall. 

The Bulls take advantage of the lotto jump to get the franchise star they need to build around as the retool. 

3- Charlotte Hornets: Amen Thompson

19: 6’7 200 Point Forward OTE. Comp= Scottie Pippin

Hornets would like a big, there is not one at this spot on the board, Amen is the perfect wing though if he learns to shoot his defense will greatly complement Lamelo and his offense works well with Melo learning to play off ball and on. 

4- Washington Wizards: Brandon Miller

21: 6’8 200 Forward Alabama. Comp= Michael Porter jr.

The wizards need a point guard but Brandon Miller’s hot shooting might be too hot to pass on. 

5- Houston Rockets: Anthony Black

19: 6’7 200 Point Forward  Arkansas. Comp= Josh Giddey-ish

The Rockets take an actual point guard. Please, I’m begging you, get a point guard.

6- San Antonio: Nick Smith jr

19: 6’5 180 Guard Arkansas. Comp= Jamal Murray 

The Spurs have need of a main guy, Nick is the best option to fill that role left on the board. 

7- Orlando Magic: Cam Whitmore

19: 6’6 200 Forward Villanova. Comp= Miles Bridges

Cam can play 2-4 and while not a perfect player fits nicely with Franz and Paolo. 

8- Toronto Raptors: Ausar Thompson

19: 6’7 108 Wing OTE. Comp= Shawn Marion but shorter.

Ausar is basically Masai’s dream prospect, if he is available (and the raptors aren’t drafting top 3) I would be shocked if they go elsewhere. 

9- New Orleans Pelicans: Cason Wallace

19: 6’3 184 Guard Kentucky. Comp= Jrue Holiday 

The Pelicans saw a lot of success with Wallace’s main NBA comp, maybe they can use him as a fantastic defender to shut teams perimeters down with Herb, Dyson and Nnaji. 

10- Portland Trailblazers: Jarace Walker

19: 6’8 220 Point Forward Houston. Comp= Royce White/Thick Odom

The Blazers have the back court of the future, Walker will be the perfect complement to Sharpe and Simons up front.

11- Oklahoma City Thunder: Keyonte George

19: 6’4 170 Guard Baylor. Comp= Bradley Beal lite

OKC can use a secondary scorer with SGA, Keyonte and Chet coming in could make them a playoff team. 

12- Phoenix Suns: Kris Murray 

23: 6’8 225 Forward Iowa. Comp= Markeef Morris 

The Suns want help now and there aren’t any true point guard options to learn from CP3. Kris is going to be the pick here even if its slightly early. 

13- Indiana Pacers: Dariq Whitehead

19: 6’7 190 Wing Duke. Comp= Andrew Wiggins.

Dariq has been injured and because of the broken foot it turned him into as John Hollinger would say a FIPID (fat is potential in disguise) candidate, Dariq was the top player in the high school class before the injury. 

14- Utah Jazz: GG Jackson

18: 6’11 215 Big South Carolina. Comp= Josh Smith 

The Jazz take a big swing with the youngest player in the class here who has show interesting shot making. 

15- Utah Jazz: Terquavion Smith

21: 6’3 180 Guard NC St. Comp= Bones Hyland

The Jazz go for a more NBA ready player to take Jordan Clarkson’s place. 

16- Los Angeles Clippers: Taylor Hendricks

19: 6’10 200 Forward UCF. Comp= Dorian Finney-Smith

Hendricks was designed in a lab to be the draft pick that Tyrone Lue wanted. 

17- Golden State Warriors: Jett Howard

19: 6’7 180 Wing Michigan. Comp= Jerry Stackhouse lite

The Warriors go for max potential for their team of the future. 

18- Atlanta Hawks: Maxwell Lewis

21: 6’7 175 Wing Pepperdine. Comp= Mikel Bridges lite. 

The Hawks need another defensive wing next to Hunter, Lewis is that guy. 

19- New York Knicks: Gradey Dick

19: 6’8 200 Forward Kansas. Comp= Harrison Barnes

The Knicks need shooting around their big 3 of Randle, Brunson and Barrett, Dick is an insane shooter. 

20- Miami Heat: Bryce Sensabaugh

20: 6’6 235 Wing Ohio St. Comp= Dion Waiters 

The Heat go with the best shooter available and one who hopefully can bring some playmaking as well. 

21- New York Knicks: Julian Strawther

21: 6’7 205 Wing Gonzaga (Puerto Rico). Comp= Francisco Garcia. 

The Knicks do another shooter but this time one who can play defense. 

22- Los Angeles Lakers: Colby Jones 

21: 6’6 210 Wing Xavier. Comp= Josh Hart

Colby Jones will have a role on the lakers with his defense. 

23- Sacramento Kings: Kel’El Ware

19: 6’11 210 Big Oregon. Comp= Chris Boucher

The kings need to find what kind of big can work with Sabonis, Ware has a ton of potential and could have his weaknesses covered up by Sabonis. 

24- Indiana Pacers: Kyle Filipowski

19: 6’11 200 Big Duke. Comp= Poor mans Vlade Divac 

Filiposki fits really well with Turner but also with I-Jax if they move Turner. 

25- Brooklyn Nets: Nikola Durisic

19: 6’8 220 Point Forward KK Mega Leaks (Belgium/Serbia). Comp= Kostas Papanikolaou

The Nets here can use Durisic if they need to or stash him for later. 

26- Houston Rockets: Rayan Rupert

19: 6’6 190 Wing New Zealand Breakers (France). Comp= Jarrett Culver. 

The rockets can stash Rupert till next season and have some good reinforcements to come back since those picks are now going to OKC. 

27- Utah Jazz: Jordan Hawkins

21: 6’4 170 Guard Uconn. Comp= Devin Harris 

Utah went with offense earlier now they get a great defender to round out the rotation. 

28- Memphis Grizzlies: Tucker DeVries

20: 6’7 210 Wing Drake. Comp= Doug McDermott 

Memphis always takes on a draft twitter darling, here we go. 

29- Charlotte Hornets: DaRon Holmes

20: 6’10 220 Big Dayton. Comp= Amir Johnson 

Charlotte gets their big now, its honestly perfect that he fell this far, such a great fit with their roster.

30- Indiana Pacers: Coleman Hawkins

21: 6’10 200 Forward Illinois. Comp= Royce White ish 

The pacers go for a skilled forward to put into the rotation.

Second Round: 2023 NBA Mock Draft

31- Indiana Pacers: Dillon Mitchell

19: 6’7 200 Forward Texas. Comp= Derrek Jones Jr. 

32- Detroit Pistons: Leonard Miller

20: 6’10 200 Point Forward G-League Ignite  (Canada). Comp= Jeff Green

33- Philadelphia 76ers: James Nnaji

19: 6’10 200 Pivot FC Barcelona (Nigeria). Comp= Freaking Thanos. 

34- San Antonio Spurs: Noah Clowney

19: 6’10 210 Big Alabama. Comp= Brandon Wright

35- Orlando Magic: Mike Miles

21: 6’2 195 Point TCU. Comp= Jalen Brunson lite

36- Oklahoma City Thunder: Derek Lively II

19: 7’1 220 Big Duke. Comp= Clint Capela lite 

37- Toronto Raptors: Sidy Cissoko

19: 6’6 170 Wing G League Ignite (France). Comp= Shorter Seku Doumbouya

38- Los Angeles Lakers: Jaylen Clark

21: 6-5 210 Wing UCLA. Comp= Wes Mathews

39- Los Angeles Lakers: Marcus Sasser

23: 6’2 195 Point Houston. Comp= Raymond Felton

40- Boston Celtics: Jalen Hood-Schifino

19: 6’5 210 Guard Indiana. Comp= Spencer Dinwiddie 

41- Phoenix Suns: Terrence Shannon Jr

22: 6’6 209 Wing Illinois. Comp= Kelly Oubre

42- Denver Nuggets: Emoni Bates

19: 6’9 200 Forward Eastern Michigan Comp= Nick Young

43- Memphis Grizzlies: Tyrese Hunter

20: 6’1 160 Point Texas. Comp= Steve Francis lite.

44- Sacramento Kings: Efe Abogidi

20: 6’10 225 Big G-League Ignite (Nigeria). Comp= Poor Man’s Bam

45- Charlotte Hornets: Reece Beekman

21: 6’3 190 Guard Virginia. Comp= Davion Mitchell 

46- Cleveland Cavaliers: Grant Nelson

20: 6’10 215 Big North Dakota St. Comp= Dario Saric ish. 

47- Los Angeles Clippers: Ricky Council IV

21: 6’6 205 Wing Arkansas Comp= Darius Johnson Odom

48- Atlanta Hawks: Mojave King

22: 6’5 194 Wing Ignite (New Zealand). Comp= Ben McLemore

49- Denver Nuggets: Trayce Jackson-Davis

23: 6’9 245 Big Indiana. Comp= Terrence Jones 

50- Boston Celtics: Tristan Vukcevic

20: 6’10 218 Big Partizan (Serbia/Greece/Sweden/Spain) Comp= Andrea Bargani 

51- Minnesota Timberwolves: Alex Fudge

20: 6’10 185 Wing Florida. Comp= Dorian Finney Smith 

52- Atlanta Hawks: Jordan Walsh

19: 6’7 205 Wing Arkansas. Comp= Gerald Wallace. 

53- Sacramento Kings: Judah Mintz

19: 6’3 165 Guard Syracuse. Comp= Brandon Knight ish 

54- Milwaukee Bucks: Kevin McCullar

22: 6’6 205 Wing Kansas. Comp= Aaron Afflalo 

55- Brooklyn Nets: Keyonte Johnson

23: 6’6 230 Wing Kansas St. Comp= Raja Bell

56- Philadelphia 76ers: Nobody. Because they are dirty cheaters.

57- Milwaukee Bucks: Jamie Jaquez Jr

23: 6’6 220 Wing UCLA. Comp= Adam Morrison 

58- Memphis Grizzlies: Arthur Kaluma

21: 6’7 190 Wing Creighton (Uganda). Comp= Poor man’s Harrison Barnes.

59- Chicago Bulls: Nobody. Because they are dirty cheaters. 

60- Boston Celtics: Amari Bailey

19:  6’5 190 Guard UCLA Comp= Jordan Clarkson 

Honorable Mentions / On The Bubble

1. Adem Bona- 19: 6’9 225 Big UCLA (Nigeria/Turkey). Comp= Clint Capela

2. Kadary Richmond- 21: 6’5 180 Guard Seton Hall. Comp= Deshawn Stephenson

3. Jalen Wilson- 22: 6’8 215 Forward Kansas. Comp= Devin George

4. Harrison Ingram- 21: 6’8 230 Point Forward  Stanford. Comp= Anthony Mason

5. Ryan Kalkbrenner- 21: 7’1 235 Pivot Creighton. Comp= Thon Maker 

6. Pete Nance- 23: 6’9 210 Big UNC. Comp= Lite version of his older brother

7. Adama Sanogo- 21: 6’9 240 Big UConn (Mali). Comp= Serge Ibaka

8. Baylor Scheierman- 22: 6’6 180 Wing Creighton. Comp= Luke Walton

9. Oscar Tshiebwe- 23: 6’8 260 Big Kentucky (Congo). Comp= Andre Drummond 

10. Drew Timme- 22: 6’10 235 Pivot Gonzaga. Comp= Spencer Hawes with less shooting

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