Brandon Miller NBA Draft Profile

Brandon Miller 2023 NBA Draft Profile

46/45/83. Those are the shooting splits for the Crimson Tide’s Freshman Phenom Brandon Miller. 45% from 3 on some insane shots. This 6’9 rail thin sniper is just fantastic so far. 

Killer Miller has been possibly the biggest riser of the draft. He just has an offensive ability to make a difference for NBA teams from day one.

In this draft profile, we’ll be breaking down the pros and cons of Miller’s game, providing some player comps, and looking into potential fits with NBA teams in his projected draft range.

Note – all stats provided were pulled on 1/31/23.


The Good


Transition finishing

Pick and Roll Ball Handling as a Wing

Coordination when not bumped off his spots

Elite shooter



Long, aggressive and stays in his stance. He’s not going to be murdered on this end.

Tries really hard in transition

Side note: 

This clip isn’t bad. I know he doesn’t stop this but it’s a decent contest in a 1 on 3 situation. I just want to point out that this isn’t a black mark on his defense. 

The Bad 


He’s too thin right now and struggles inside the arc. He can get bumped off his spot. He isn’t a super great creator for others but in the right system that’s not a problem. 


He isn’t going to be a lockdown defender but he probably won’t be hunted on that end either. His frame is going to have to fill out though. 

Projected Draft Range

3-12. This is a much larger range than I normally like in the lotto but he seems to be a very divisive player. 


Comparisons are hard. Jeff Green is the immediate one but he’s not as athletic and he’s a better shooter. Michael Porter Jr is another. 

Ideal Fits 

If Detroit misses out on the Wemby or Scoot picks then Miller is an excellent fit. The Spurs, Magic, Pacers, and Blazers are also wonderful fits.

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