2024 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Justin Edwards

Justin Edwards, a five-star rated recruit in the high school class of 2023, is a 6’7”, 180-pound Wing currently playing in college at the University of Kentucky. He led Imhotep (Philadelphia, PA) to back-to-back Pennsylvania state titles and was a McDonalds All American.

Edwards is a three-level scorer and a capable defender, and is currently projected to be a lottery pick in the 2024 draft. In this profile, we’ll break down the pros and cons of his game, provide some player comps and good NBA fits.

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The Good


3 level Scorer

Monster in transition

Good consistent form from multiple levels 


His height allows him to be switchable and his athleticism does let him stay in front of most people. A +3 wingspan is average for a 3. 


The Bad 


Doesn’t create much for others. Clearly a role player. 


He’s super light and not an elite athlete. He’s also not super long so once he’s beat, he’s beat. 

Projected Draft Range

Early-to-Mid Lottery (Top 8) 


Poor mans Glen Rice, Less Athletic Andrew Wiggins.

Ideal NBA Fits 

Perfect fit in Portland, Utah, San Antonio and Orlando. 


Edwards is a Small Forward who can play some Power Forward and maybe a bit more Shooting Guard at the NBA level. He’s a 3 level scorer who will not hurt your defense and is an easy fit in almost any offensive system where he isn’t required to create for others.

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