Alex Sarr, 2024 NBA Draft Prospect

2024 NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Alex Sarr

Alexandre Dam Sarr, the 7’1 220 Big from France who played his high school ball at Overtime Elite has now been very, very good for the NBL’s Perth Wildcats. He is definitely the highest riser for me this year on the Big Board and in our Mock Draft. In this 2024 NBA Draft Profile, we’ll highlight the pros and cons of Alex Sarr’s game, as well as point out the best fits around the association.

The Good

First off, Sarr’s size is perfect. He’s tall enough to play some 5 but also mobile enough to guard 4s. With players like Mobley, Holmgren, Wembanyama, Davis and Antetokounmpo all blurring the lines between those positions look to see more players in that mold coming out. 


Sarr is a smart passer but sometimes over passes and doesn’t have the handle to run on ball actions through him. He’s also a capable shooter even if the current percentage (32% as of November 10). 

He can be a one man fast break 

And again the mobility for his size is elite 

Plays above the rim 

Good footwork in the paint


Sarr is a fantastic defender who really can change games on this end with his timing, athleticism and hustle. 

A true rim protector 

Multiple efforts on defense 

Can shut down players in isolation 

Isn’t a disaster when switched onto guards, in fact he does well here. 


The Bad 


Sometimes makes things too difficult on himself instead of just finishing with an easy layup or dunk. Sometimes is wild with his passing. 


Sarr struggles with big bodies due to his slight frame and sometimes gets his footwork messed up on the perimeter. These are both very fixable. He also isn’t quite the rebounder you would want for his size. 

Projected Draft Range

Sarr will probably be a top 5 pick this year. 


Rasheed Wallace, Poor Man’s Anthony Davis, Evan Mobley. 

Ideal NBA Fits 

The Wizards, Bulls, Pelicans, Blazers and Kings would be ideal picks if any of them could luck into a top 5 pick. 


Sarr is going to be a great NBA player. While the class doesn’t currently have a no brainer number 1 pick, Sarr is clearly going to be a good player and has all star potential. 

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