Izan Almansa

2024 NBA Draft Profile: Izan Almansa

Izan Almansa is a 6’10 220 lbs. Big out of Spain playing for the G-League Ignite. He spent last year with the Overtime Elite and has won 3 straight FIBA MVPs for his age group. 

I’m gonna start with a highlight video or two to show something:

Those are some incredibly difficult finishes. Down low Almansa is almost unstoppable, he’s the best rebounder in his class and is a solid passer for his position. 

He’s also a bad defender with a body bad for defending. This is a polarizing prospect if there ever was one. 


The Good


Amazing offensive Rebounder

Can pass well out of double teams

Soft touch 

Patient footwork 

Seriously look at this footwork

Solid touch but low volume 

Will absolutely try to murder defenders 


Controls the Glass

Quick Hands 

The Bad 


Not a shooter at all. 

Undersized and under strengthened for the Pivot position. 


Too small to be a rim protector, too slow to be a wing. 

Projected Draft Range

Almansa is some people’s early favorite for number one. Some like me are on the lower end in the early 20s. If he continues to produce like he has so far and can shore up the defensive worries then he will easily be a lotto pick. 


Marvin Bagley III, Amar’e Stoudemire, Julius Randle 

Ideal Fits 

A team not needing a rim protector but wanting more rebounding is ideal for Almansa. San Antonio would be an absolutely insane fit next to Wemby, Memphis would fit well if he falls down the board a ways, as would OKC next to Chet. 

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