2021 NBA Draft Board

2021 NBA Draft Board: Best Available Prospects

  1. Jalen Green

Strengths – Shot creation/offensive skill set, finishing around the rim, playmaking potential

Weaknesses – Off ball defense, consistency with three point shot

Player comp – Zach LaVine +++

  1. Cade Cunningham

Strengths – Pick and roll ability/playmaking, shooting/scoring ability, defensive upside

Weaknesses – Turnovers, consistency on both ends, lack of explosiveness 

Player comp – SGA, Grant Hill, Ben Simmons with a jumper

  1. Scottie Barnes

Strengths – Defensive versatility, playmaking/basketball IQ, size/athleticism

Weaknesses – Outside scoring, Offensive role undefined, shooting ability

Player comp – Draymond Green with a better handle

  1. Evan Mobley

Strengths – Defensive versatility, offensive potential, handle/playmaking potential

Weaknesses – Weight/Strength, Consistency shooting/traditional post scoring, Passive on offense

Player comp – Anthony Davis lite, Chris Bosh

  1. Jonathan Kuminga

Strengths – Athleticism, finishing with either hand, defensive upside

Weaknesses – Shooting, ball handling/turnovers, shot selection

Player comp – Jeff Green +++

  1. Jalen Suggs

Strengths – Athleticism, passing/basketball IQ, defensive ability

Weaknesses – Finishing around the room, shooting, shot creation

Player comp – Jrue Holiday

  1. Kai Jones

Strengths – Athleticism, defensive versatility, finishing/transition

Weaknesses – Balance/footwork, strength, consistency/shot mechanics/pointless turnovers

Player comp – Pascal Siakam

  1. Jalen Johnson

Strengths – Athleticism/transition, Playmaking ability, defensive potential

Weaknesses – Turnovers, shooting mechanics/willingness, Basketball IQ

Player comp – Ben Simmos lite/John Collins

  1. Ziaire Williams

Strengths – Size/athleticism, defensive ability, offensive potential all around

Weaknesses – Turnovers, shooting consistency, strength

Player comp – Cam Reddish

  1. Moses Moody

Strengths – Pick and roll play is excellent, shot creation/scoring potential, off-ball movement

Weaknesses – Finishing around the rim, ball handle/bad turnovers, defensive positioning

Player comp – Mikal Bridges ++

  1. James Bouknight

Strengths – Finishing, athleticism, three level scoring potential

Weaknesses – Defense, playmaking, shot selection

Player comp – Uber athletic Jordan Clarkson

  1. Tre Mann

Strengths – Three level scoring, shiftiness, size/athleticism

Weaknesses – Defensive consistency, strength, turnovers due to playing out of control 

Player comp – Bigger Kemba Walker

  1. Chris Duarte

Strengths – Shooting ability, off ball movement, defensive awareness

Weaknesses – Age, bigger wings might give him trouble, not elite playmaker

Player comp – Klay Thompson

  1. Josh Primo

Strengths – Shooting range, scoring potential, defensive potential

Weaknesses – Low release on layups, slow first step forces him to settle to often, size

Player comp – Jalen Brown

  1. Bones Hyland

Strengths – Shooting range, 3 level scoring ability, shot creation

Weaknesses – Strength, turnovers/decision making, defensive consistency

Player comp – Buddy Hield with long arms

  1. Josh Giddy

Strengths – playmaking feel especially in transition, finishing, overall feel of the game

Weaknesses – shot creation, outside shooting, on ball defense

Player comp – Giant Ricky Rubio

  1. Franz Wagner

Strengths – Defense, playmaking, transition/off ball movement

Weaknesses – shot creation, finishing/explosiveness, ball handling

Player comp – Andrei Kirilenko lite

  1. Cam Thomas

Strengths – Three level scoring, physicality, shot creation

Weaknesses – shot selection comes and goes, subpar passer, motor on defense

Player comp – Bradley Beal

  1. Jared Butler

Strengths – shot creation, playmaking/basketball IQ, defense

Weaknesses – Explosiveness/finishing, Health, Size/length

Player comp – Tyrese Hailburton

  1. Sharife Cooper

Strengths – Playmaking/vision, speed/quickness, ball handle

Weaknesses -Shooting, size/length, finishing around the rim

  1. Trey Murphy

Strengths – Shooting ability, defensive versatility, finishing ability

Weaknesses – Shot creation, Strength, Playmaking 

Player comp – OG Anunoby/Mikal Bridges

  1. Usman Garuba

Strengths – Defensive versatility, defensive IQ, high motor/effort

Weaknesses – Shooting ability, offensive skill, turnovers

Player comp – Skinny Bam Adebayo/wing Marcus Smart

  1. Josh Christopher

Strengths – Size/Athleticism, shot creation, finishing

Weaknesses – Shot selection, shooting mechanic consistency, plays out of control

Player comp – Tyreke Evans

  1. Keon Johnson

Strengths – Athleticism, defense, motor

Weaknesses – Shot mechanics, shot selection, turnovers/playing out of control

Player comp – guard Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

  1. Davion Mitchell

Strengths – Athleticism, defensive impact, playmaking potential

Weaknesses – Shooting ability/FTs, size, tunnel vision

Player comp – Marcus Smart/Donovan Mitchell lite

  1. Corey Kispert

Strengths – Three point shooting, off-ball movement, finishing

Weaknesses – Ball handling, defense, playmaking

Player comp – Joe Harris

  1. Brandon Boston Jr

Strengths – Fluidity, scoring/shooting potential, length/size

Weaknesses – Consistency/shot selection, strength/weight, finishing around the rim

Player comp – Brandon Ingram lite

  1. Jaden Springer

Strengths – Athleticism, defensive positioning/awareness, incredible motor

Weaknesses – Ball handling, shot creation, shooting consistency/shot selection

Player comp – Malcolm Brogdon Jr

  1. Ayo Dosunmu

Strengths – Shot creation, on-ball defense, P&R ability

Weaknesses – Ball handle, shooting consistency, sloppy turnovers/forcing passes

Player comp – Big Collin Sexton with some defense

  1. Isaiah Todd

Strengths – Shooting potential, finishing, passing ability

Weaknesses – Defense/effort, shot selection, size/strength

Player comp – Rashard Lewis

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