Top 10 Most Versatile Players In NBA History

Basketball has always been one of the most intense and exciting sports to watch. This is because of how close to the action audience members are, and the fast-paced energetic game itself. Players need to be fast on their feet, have high stamina, and be able to think fast. 

Some NBA players have a reputation for being highly versatile. This means that they have a great baseline knowledge and athletic ability, which makes them able to perform to a high standard in many positions on the court. 

These are ten NBA players who have demonstrated high levels of versatility during their careers. Check out the latest NBA lines for more information. 

David Robinson 

Firstly, David Robinson was a highly versatile individual on and off the court. As a center for the San Antonio Spurs, he earned two championship rings, and earned the Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy during his 14-year-long career. 

His 71-point game proved Robinson’s versatility on the basketball court. Not only did Robinson become known as one of the first stretch fours, but the center player gained two gold Olympic medals during his career.

Scottie Pippen

Another player with a huge number of accomplishments as an NBA team member is Scottie Pippen. The small forward played for five teams during his professional career, and had a reputation for doing whatever it took to climb the leaderboard. 

Pippen showed that he could defend, shoot, run the wing, run the point, dunk pass, and anything else that was necessary. Although he spent a lot of time as Michael Jordan’s number two, Pippen deserves similar recognition for his range of talents. 

Oscar Robertson

As an NBA player, Robertson averaged a triple double. He was widely regarded as ahead of his time, and stood out when he was playing with the Milwaukee Bucks and Cincinnati Bengals. 

Despite playing in the sixties, Robertson continues to hold many records within the NBA. These include a career total of 181 double triples, which is the highest in NBA history by far. 

Dennis Rodman

Another NBA player who maintained an incredibly versatile career is Dennis Rodman. He was a rebounding forward, power forward, and small forward as a professional basketball player. 

In spite of a rocky start and gaining a ‘bad boy’ reputation, Rodman began to fall into line when he was drafted into the Chicago Bulls. 

Magic Johnson

Of course, no list of versatile NBA players would be complete without mentioning Magic Johnson. He truly is one of the greats, and came into his own when he was in the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Many have said that he could easily play any position on the court. When teammate Kareem became injured, Johnson took over as center and point guard. He made any position look easy, and Johnson’s unique skill set has yet to be matched. 

LeBron James

Another iconic NBA player known for his immense skill and versatility is LeBron James. During his career, James demonstrated this as a guard, perimeter defensive, and point guard. James could definitely be considered one of the most versatile players that the NBA has seen. 

Draymond Green

Next is a widely underestimated NBA player who many believe deserves more recognition. Draymond Green was an excellent guard, shooter, and runner during his professional career. This allowed him to earn three NBA championships and be named an All-Star player four times. 

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is easy to pick out of the crowd because of his 6-foot-ten height, but he had a knack for creative thinking which allowed him to become a highly versatile NBA player. Durant was excellent at passing, shooting, guarding, and rebounding as a center and a forward. 

Walt Frazier

Another NBA player who had a range of skills and talent that allowed his movements to look effortless is Walt Frazier. Although he dominated the court as a point guard, Frazier had an outstanding respect for the game and charisma that was unmatched. 

His attitude and easy-going approach allowed him to become a superstar and rise through the ranks. 

Wilt Chamberlain

Finally, Wilt Chamberlain is a huge part of NBA history. He was the only center to lead the league in assists, and truly demonstrated his versatility and skill. As a young player, Chamberlain had the highest vertical of any 7-foot NBA player. 

When he was an older player, he had gained some impressive strength, which allowed Chamberlain to defend his reputation.

There have been many players within the NBA who have demonstrated excellent skill. However, some have stood out for their ability to adapt to new situations and change positions when needed. 

Being able to think on their feet and continue to score highly has made some of the most talented superstar players out there. Make sure to look for rookie players with similar versatility and range. 

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