Cam Reddish and RJ Barrett New York Knicks

Three ways Cam Reddish Changes the Ceiling for the Knicks

The New York Knicks acquired Reddish from the Atlanta Hawks yesterday, along with Solomon Hill and a second round pick, for Kevin Knox and a first round pick in 2022 (via Charlotte).

My first reaction to this trade was that it’s an absolute steal for the Knicks. He doesn’t fill an immediate, obvious need that the Knicks have, but he does give them another wing player that is young, can create his own shot, and has some two way potential (even though he’s been inconsistent on defense).

Although Reddish is only averaging 11.9 points, 2.5 rebounds and 1.1 assists, he’s done so in a limited role: with the Hawks he’s played only 23.4 minutes per game. His potential is there, he just needs the opportunity to show what he can do with extended minutes. Here are the three main benefits of adding Reddish to the Knicks.

1. Perimeter Versatility

Standing at 6’8, 218 lbs, Reddish has the potential to guard three to four positions on the defensive end. He also has good athletic ability. The Addition of Reddish gives Coach Tom Thibodeau flexibility with his rotation. Not too long ago, Thibodeau took Kemba Walker out of the rotation because of defensive limitations. However, their lack of depth at the guard spots forced his hand to begin playing Kemba again shortly thereafter. With Reddish available at the wing, Thibs can now go back to confidently using Alec Burks at point guard depending on matchup needs.

2. Instant Chemistry

Reddish is reunited with former Duke teammate RJ Barrett. They played well together during their time at Duke along with Zion Williamson. After a few games to shake off the rust, hopefully the’ll be able to unleash the chemistry from their college days – which should help smooth the process of integrated Reddish into this Knicks team.

3. Microwave Scoring

Reddish isn’t shy when it comes to wanting to put the ball in the basket. He’s shooting currently 40% from the field on 10.1 attempts per game, and has been forced to hoist a lot of tough shots in Atlanta’s offense – often playing with lineups not including Trae. He’s shooting a respectable 37.9% from three point land on 4.5 attempts a game. Knicks’ playmakers will help Reddish get easy opportunities to score. It also helps to play with shooters like Immanuel Quickley and Quentin Grimes that can help space the floor for Reddish if he comes off the bench and plays with their second unit.

Overall, I like this move for the Knicks. They are giving up minimum value to take a gamble on a recent top ten draft pick who fits the coveted “three and D” archetype. They only gave up a mid first round pick plus a young, but underachieving, Kevin Knox to get him.

Only time will tell if this move pans out for them, but I’m confident that it will in the long term.

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