Kevin Durant through the Years

Taking a Stroll Down KD Twitter Memory Lane

If you don’t already know, Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant is absolutely hilarious on Twitter – and has been for over a decade.

Throughout the years, you can find a bunch of old KD tweets and get a good chuckle at them. Between his own tweets, and possible burner account tweets, you’re in for a good amount of content to enjoy.

This is one of my favorite tweets by him. Through half assed internet research, this is a commonly performed surgery to achieve that hourglass look. As we can see by Durant’s response, he is not a fan. 

This is my 2nd runner up by Durant. This one is a thinker. I really want to dive into the headspace that Durant was at when we tweeted this. 

If I had to put money on it, I’d bet a few people have probably said this in their head but for somebody of Duran’t stature to put this out to the world? What an incredible tweet!

Last but certainly not least, an all time great tweet. All of us have had moments like this but to see Durant tweet this like he is writing in his diary, is why Kevin Durant is a Twitter LEGEND! 

We saw this year him get into a twitter battle with internet personality Michael Rapaport (Brian Scalabrine knock off), and it sure did not disappoint! 

I hope anyone who reads this takes time to explore some of the classic tweets of Kevin Durant. 

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