KD ‘My Next Chapter’ Meme: Origins and Template

Memes are like friends: they come and go.

Others are more like your old college roommate. You don’t necessarily keep up on a daily basis, but your bond was so strong at one point that there will always be a connection.

The rarest of memes, 1% of 1%, become family. 

For NBA Twitter, Kevin Durant’s ‘My Next Chapter’ meme seems to have the same hilarious effect that it did 5 years ago when we first uncovered this gem.

Where did the KD ‘My Next Chapter’ Meme Originate?

The ‘My Next Chapter’ meme comes from his now infamous article in The Player’s Tribune, in which Durant announced his decision to join the Golden State Warriors.

After losing to the Warriors in a heartbreaking Western Conference Finals, many deducted that KD joined forces with the enemy.

His time in Golden State was ultimately a huge success, netting him two championship rings and just as many Finals MVP awards. However, many NBA Twitter onlookers couldn’t help but continue to criticize Durant for his perceived easy path to rings.

Even after multiple cycles of free agency, and a move to the Brooklyn Nets, much criticism still exists for Durant’s choice to join the Warriors. 

This meme template is still used, five plus years later, any time Durant or his team comes up short. Despite a wildly successful individual playoffs performance, when the Nets went down to Milwaukee in a wild game seven, NBA Twitter did what it does best.

Then, KD moved on to join Team USA. After a shaky start in the exhibition games against Nigeria and Australia, NBA Twitter went off again.

KD ‘My Next Chapter’ Meme Template/Generator

Since this meme won’t seem to die, let’s at least make sure the next wave are done right. 

Make your own Durant meme in seconds with the ‘My Next Chapter’ meme generator from Imgflip.

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