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After the third consecutive month that HoopSocial has seen its best numbers yet, we are excited to bring in the new year with a new expansion: HoopSocial Podcasts!

With the influx of talented writers finding their way to HoopSocial this season, the staff has grown significantly in the last few months. What we’ve found in that expansion was that rather than simply being a writing staff, we’ve cultivated a community of multi-media content creators.

Given the success HoopSocial has experienced over the last few months by banding together with the written word, it was only a matter of time before the decision was made to bring Assisted Development, Charity Stripe Commentary, and Hoops Temple all under the HoopSocial Podcasts umbrella. 

Assisted Development (hosted by Jonathan and Jordan Ennis) will continue to be a draft focused podcast that touches on the NBA while Charity Stripe Commentary (hosted by Shawn Lawler, Marcus Wilson, and Trey Hill) and Hoops Temple (hosted by Dylan Williamson, Nathan Schwartz, and Nico Larsen) will focus on the NBA action at large. With CSC having an Eastern bias and Hoops Temple loving that West coast both conferences should get plenty of love when tuning in to HoopSocial Podcasts. This diverse lineup ensures that we can post regularly to stay on the game’s hottest topics.

Along with those three shows that will be released weekly, we are also excited to announce a new show coming in 2022: HoopSocial Writer’s Room. These episodes will feature HoopSocial’s staff diving deep into the topics we cover on the website, and provide insights from their research and writing process.

Available everywhere that podcasts are found, make sure to subscribe and follow HoopSocial Podcasts to get the episodes directly into your podcast feed and stay up to date with the NBA today, the players coming next, and much more.

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