HoopSocial Big Board Wars

To give you the idea of what our draft writers are thinking as we get into this 2023 NBA draft cycle,   I asked everyone for their current lotto big board.

There are major differences from each person, so I asked them each some questions on what went into their personal rankings.

Give us your thoughts @hoop_social on twitter and let us know who’s big board is closest to yours!

Jordan Ennis 

@HoopSocialDraft on Twitter 

1. Victor Wembanyama- 19: 7’2 220 Pivot Metropolitan92 (France).

2. Scoot Henderson- 19: 6’2 180 Point Ignite.

3. Amen Thompson – 19: 6’7 200 Point Forward OTE.

4. Dariq Whitehead- 19: 6’7 190 Wing Duke.

5. Nick Smith- 19: 6’5 180 Guard Arkansas.

6. Ausar Thompson – 19: 6’6 190 Wing OTE.

7. Cam Whitmore- 19: 6’6 200 Forward Villanova.

8. Derek Lively II- 19: 7’1 220 Big Duke.

9. Anthony Black- 19: 6’7 200 Point Forward  Arkansas.

10. Jarace Walker- 19: 6’8 220 Point Forward Houston.

11. GG Jackson- 18: 6’9 215 Big FSU.

12. Keyonte George- 19: 6’4 170 Guard Baylor.

13. Terquavion Smith- 21: 6’3 180 Guard NC St.

14. Kel’El Ware- 19: 6’11 210 Big Oregon.

Dustin M. 

@thunder_draft on Twitter 

1. Victor Wembanyama 

2. Scoot Henderson 

3. Cam Whitmore 

4. Baba Miller- 19 6’11 180 Forward Florida St. (Spain).

5. Derek Lively 

6. GG Jackson 

7. Keyonte George

8. Nick Smith 

9. Asuar Thompson

10. Amen Thompson

11. Dillon Mitchell- 19: 6’7 200 Forward Texas.  

12. Dariq Whitehead 

13. Cason Wallace- 19: 6’4 184 Guard Kentucky.

14. Terquavion Smith

Question: Why Baba Miller? 

Why not Miller? 6-11, can handle the ball, good passer, spot-up shooter. Can defend multiple positions.

Question: Why so low on Dariq Whitehead?

Whitehead just doesn’t really move me from what I’ve watched. He doesn’t really create his own shot much. More of an off-ball guy who needs someone to create for him. Don’t really like his decision making either

Zach Padmore 

@ZP12Hoops on Twitter 

1. Victor Wembanyama

2. Amen Thompson

3. Ausar Thompson

4. Scoot Henderson

5. Dereck Lively

6. Dariq Whitehead

7. GG Jackson

8. Cam Whitmore

9. Nick Smith Jr. 

10. Keyonte George 

11. Anthony Black

12. Yohan Traore- 19: 6’10 210 Big Auburn (France).

13. Tyrese Proctor- 19: 6’4 175 Point Duke (Australia). 

14. DaRon Holmes II- 20: 6’10 220 Big Dayton. 

Question: What made your board look like this?

“Based on my preseason/non-college evaluations, I feel really good about my top eight. Though the order has occasionally been altered, the eight prospects have stayed the same once Jackson announced his decision to reclassify. Wembanyama isn’t moving from his spot, and I’m confident that Amen won’t either. We can use that often-overused-but-not-in-this-case word that starts with a G to describe both of them. Wembanyama is a generational prospect and Amen in a generational athlete… who just happens to also be a 6’6″ point. Sign. Me. Up.”

Question: Why is DaRon Holmes so high? 

Yeah, I’ve always been super high on Holmes. I think he’s going to blow up this year.

Mike Stinetz 

@Steinshowout on Twitter 

1. Victor Wembanyama

2. Scoot Henderson 

3. Dariq Whithead

4. Amen Thompson

5. Asuar Thompson

6. Nick Smith jr. 

7. Cam Whitmore 

8. Kel’El Ware

9. Derrick Lively

10. Jarace Walker

11. Cason Wallace 

12. Dillon Mitchell 

13. Anthony Black 

14. Keyonte George

Question: What makes you like Mitchell so much? 

Mitchell just checks enough tools boxes for me in terms of size defense to be near lotto right now.

Question: Why Ware over Livley? 

Lively under Ware may change just saw more complete offense from ware so far this.

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