All-Time Best Indiana Pacers Team

All-Time Indiana Pacers Team

If you’re an NBA fan, chances are you’ve thought about the best possible team you could construct from all of the players to ever suit up for your favorite team. The exercise of building a superteam made up of players from different eras always leads to fun results.

As with any all-time list, there is bound to be debate. Who’s missing from the list? Who should or shouldn’t be a starter? Contact us on Twitter and let us know your thoughts!

Note: This list takes into account all Pacers history, including the ABA years.


C- Mel Daniels

3x Champion, 2x MVP, 7x all star, 5x All ABA, ROY, ABA all time team, Hall of fame

Let’s start with this: Mel Daniels is the best player in pacers history. It’s not Reggie, it’s Mel. End of discussion. One of the biggest tragedies in NBA history is Mel not being the rival to Kareem. 

PF- Jermaine O’Neal

6x All Star, 3x All NBA

Jermaine never quite lived up to his potential but he was still an offensive weapon and a defensive force in the 00’s. 

SF- Paul George

4x All Star, 3x All NBA, 3x All Defense, MIP

Paul Star was on the path to being the best player in franchise history… until he gave up on the team. 

SG- Reggie Miller 

5x All Star, 3x All NBA, 75 at 75, Hall of Fame 

The second best Pacer ever and the best NBA Pacer. Miller is one of the best shooters in NBA history.

PG- Freddie Lewis

3x Campion, Playoff MVP, 4x All Star ABA MVP

The ABA pacers were legit and there will be more members of that dynasty to make this list. 


Big- Domantas Sabonis

2x All Star

Sabonis is the only current pacer who I could consider putting into the starting lineup. He didn’t quite make the cut, but Domantas certainly has had enough success in a Pacer uniform to have locked up a spot on the bench. 

Forward- George McGinnis

2x Champion, Playoff MVP, MVP, 3x All Star, 3x All ABA, ABA All time team, Hall of Fame

George used his absolutely powerful frame and a one handed jumper to dominate the ABA, unfortunately his heliocentric style didn’t translate to playing next to a superstar in Julius Erving but that doesn’t count for this ranking. George returned to the Pacers for his final 2 years in the NBA.

Wing- Roger Brown

3x Champion, Playoff MVP, 4x All Star, 4x All ABA, ABA All Time Team, Hall of Fame

The NBA black balled roger brown with Connie Hawkins, Brown settled out of court and was therefore never allowed to enter the NBA. He was the scorer and shooter for the dynasty. 

Guard- Mark Jackson

A post up guard who could really pass. He had 2 different short stints with the Pacers. 

Utility- Ron Artest

All Star, All NBA, DPOY, 2x All Defense

Ron Artest was one of the best defenders ever in his stint with the Pacers. He also has the lowest moment in NBA history with punching the wrong fan in the Malice at the Palace. 

Utility- Danny Granger

All Star, MIP

Granger was a large shooter who could fill up points for the pacers. Injuries prevented him from being an all-time Pacers great.

Utility- Rik Smits

All Star 

Smits was a giant of a man for the Pacers, and was a solid player during some very successful years for the franchise.

Utility- Victor Oladipo

2x All Star, All NBA, All Defense, MIP

Until his injury, VO looked like the next big thing in Indiana (Wow- that sentence could be used for a lot of players here.)

Utility- Lance Stephenson

All-COVID 10 Day MVP

Lance keeps coming back to Indy, and Indy keeps welcoming back their spirit animal. 

Utility- Malcom Brogdon 

A great guard who won’t blow you away but is solid on both ends of the court. 

2-Way- Chuck Person


Chuck had all the potential in the world, let’s see if he can live up to it this time.

2-Way- Jalen Rose


Another MIP for the Pacers. 

Honorable Mentions: Roy Hibbert, Herb Williams, Clark Kellog, Myles Turner, David West, Bob Netolicky, Dale and Antonio Davis.

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