All-Time Dallas Mavericks Starting Five

All-Time Dallas Mavericks Roster

If anyone has ever been a fan you probably have thought about the best possible team you could make out of everyone to ever play for your favorite team, I did that exercise with the Dallas Mavericks. This was a little difficult for a franchise on the younger end who has really only had 2 Superstars and 7 stars in the 41 years of the teams existence. That being said here is what I came up with.

Starting Lineup

C- Kristaps Porzingis

Wow, Center for the All time Mavs is a really weak position, It comes down to KP or Tyson Chandler (One could maybe argue for Tarpley or Donaldson), KP is only 50 is games behind Tyson in a Mavs uniform, and His Shooting will help spread the floor for Kidd and Luka to drive and dish, his cutting will help him get open looks when Dirk and Nash do their pick and rolls. The Unicorn can even pass a bit when defenses collapse on his rolls. 

PF- Dirk Nowitzki

The small city of Wurzburg Germany has produced 2 Mavs that could have made this list, (Dirk’s “definitely not illegitimate son” Maxi Kleber might make this list if I do it again in 25 years.) Dirk is probably the most important Big in modern NBA history, quite simply put, all modern offenses owe their beginnings to Dirk. He is one of the most dominant scorers in NBA history despite playing in the super low paced early 00s. You cannot think of an all time Mavericks team without dirk, but you also cannot have modern NBA Basketball without the Tall Baller from the G. 

SF- Luka Doncic

The Biggest failure so far of Cool Hand Luka’s early career is the Mavs PR department sticking with “The Matador” as a nickname for entirely too long, Luka is the future of the league even though people are turning on the young prodigy due to his ankle and weight issues. In 25 years he should make the all time all NBA version of this list if everything goes well. 

SG- Steve Nash

With Playing Luka, Dirk and KP together I have decided we are just aiming to outscore opponents, Nash will join the starting lineup as our sniper, allowing Luka to get some off ball rest and Kidd to work on some cutting. Nash obviously had the better years of his career in PHX but he definitely deserves to make this list. 

PG- Jason Kidd

Ason Kidd was the young guard who made Dallas at least somewhat fun to watch. Then off court issues blew up that team before the three J’s could take off. When Kidd returned to Dallas as a vet the J in Jason actually existed and he was a major part of the franchises only championship. Few guards in history have been as good as Jason Kidd, now if only he could coach that well…

Bench Rotation

Big- Tyson Chandler

If I was going for a more balanced roster Tyson would sub in for KP and Josh Howard would probably go in for Nash. However, I embraced full “Nelly Ball” and I’m ignoring defense in the starting lineup. Chandler only played 2 seasons in Dallas, His all star game and DPOY came in NY but his underrated defense was a major reason why the Mavs have their only championship and the City of Dallas loves Tyson Chandler. 

Forward- Mark Aguirre

Until Dirk there was a good argument that Mark Aguirre was the best player in Mavs history, he was definitely the best forward till the big German. Mark was kinda selfish on the court, and his major team success came after he was traded to Detroit but the post up master will slot in nicely next to Tyson to form a bench front court that will make opponents benches work tirelessly. 

Wing- Michael Finley

Finley is an all around player who can slot in 2-4 in the modern game. Finely can shoot, slash, create and defend all of which will help the bench of this hypothetical Mavs team, there is quite simply no way we make this team without Fin. Mark Cuban said his biggest regret was amnestying Michael Finley and I agree.

Guard- Rolando Blackman

This is the other OG of the Mavs, Blackman is basically top 5 in almost every Mavs statistic, His defense and scoring next to Finley and Jet will make our bench mob almost unstoppable. The 4 time all star for the Mavs was a major reason the Mavs survived the 80s. Ro will probably be in charge of the Mavs bench offense.

Guard- Jason Terry

Everyone knew Jet was coming off the bench, everyone knew Jet was going to come in as our bench sniper. He will also run some pick and role with Tyson to make that pairing murder the opponents benches. Terry was the heart and soul of the 00-10s Mavs bench and will continue to do the same for the all time team. 

Deep Bench

Big- Roy Tarpley

Now we come to the point of specialist for this team, every team needs an energy big, and BOY HOWDY does Roy Tarpley fit that role, sadly addiction took away Tarps prime but he was an absolute monster on the glass and in the paint, he could handle the ball and shoot a bit from outside. Roy could play 3-5 and would have ended up with a much bigger role on this team if not for drugs. 

Guard- Devin Harris 

Devin Lamar Harris almost didn’t make this team but we are in desperate need of defenders and the speed demon that is Harris will fill some of that role. One half of the Ice climbers (Barea will also be on this list) Harris was a valued member of the Mavs who sadly just missed the ‘11 championship, most fans would agree he and the next guy on this team are the ones we most wish had somehow been on that team. 

Wing- Josh Howard

Injuries suck, Josh was a great all around player, a good compliment to Dirk and Fin and was one of the few good draft picks by Donnie Nelson that didn’t turn into a superstar. Josh not being on the ‘11 title team is still super disappointing and we wish he was on that team all the time. 

Guard- Derrick Harper

Harper was a much better player than broadcaster, otherwise he would not make this list. Harp was a lock down defender and if the 80s Western Conference guard race wasn’t so tightly contested he would have had a few all star appearances to his resume. Harp will fit in nicely with Harris as our defensive back court guy. 

Forward- Shawn Marion 

Matrix was better in PHX but I do not care, Marion was the reason the ‘11 Mavs could shut down LeBron in the finals, his ability to hound him in a box and one shut down one of the best players in history. When you need a defensive stopper in Mavs history they do not get better than Shawn Marion. 

2 Way Contracts

2-Way Forward- Jamaal Mashburn 

With 2-Way contracts you want usually scorers who didn’t make your main roster so they will pop in garbage time, Mash was just that, a scorers scorer. And that is what we are getting with him

2-Way Guard- JJ Barea

JJ had to make this list and even though its only a 2-way he will probably find a way to make the playoff roster and “Shut down LeBron in the finals.” Even though that never actually happened JJ is one of the most beloved and best Mavs in history. 

Honorable Mentions

Vince Carter, James Donaldson, Jim Jackson, Shawn Bradley, Jalen Brunson, Monta Ellis, Jerry Stackhouse, Harrison Barnes, Tim Hardaway (And Son).

Jordan Ennis lives in West Africa where he is a pastor at an international church, he also co-hosts the Assisted Development Podcast and writes for He can be found at Assisted Development Podcast on Facebook and @BaturePreacher on Twitter.

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Jordan Ennis lives in West Africa where he is a pastor at an international church, he also co-hosts the Assisted Development Podcast on the HoopSocial Podcasts feed. He can be found at Assisted Development Podcast on Facebook and @HoopSocialDraft on Twitter.