All-In on Jokić Brothers Twitter

Following the incident between Nikola Jokić and Markieff Morris on Monday night, Twitter gained a very special new account.

The reigning MVP’s brothers, Strahinja and Nemanja Jokić, created the now infamous @JokicBrothers account to share their thoughts on the subject.

Nothing better than some early NBA drama! Coming from a guy who has 13 burner accounts on Twitter, I respect the Jokic brothers for coming to his brother’s aid and fighting twitter fingers, with their own twitter прстима(fingers). 

The fact that they made a twitter account to talk shit is just wonderful. Also, signing off with, “Jokic Brothers”, like you would an email, just screams, I have no idea how to twitter. 

November 29th (the next matchup between Denver and Miami) can’t come soon enough! 

Can’t wait to see what they pick for their AVI. I’m thinking, just a picture of an Affliction t-shirt. 

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