5 most memorable moments of the 2023 NBA season

As April kicks on, the 2023 NBA playoffs have begun as one team looks to become the next NBA Champion.

The Golden State Warriors are within a chance of keeping their golden prize from last season as they remain in contention, while the Boston Celtics are also involved as they look to avenge the loss in the NBA Finals last year and go one better.

Each and every franchise from California has managed to qualify for the postseason when it looked extremely unlikely, while there are other memorable moments to have taken place over the course of the 2023 season to this point, with new ones likely to be made right until the end.

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Most Memorable Moments

As we have reached the most important stage for the teams remaining in the competition, now would be a perfect time to look back at some of the most memorable moments from 2023 to have happened!

Some are memorable because of what was achieved, while others are perhaps memorable for the wrong reasons. Nonetheless, each of the five highlights will remain in the minds of many for different reasons…

1. LeBron James breaks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s near-four-decade record

Undoubtedly one of the biggest moments to have happened during the 2023 NBA season that will be remembered for a long time was when LeBron James finally managed to break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time point-scoring record.

The Los Angeles Lakers icon managed to reach the 38,387 points total needed – and has subsequently surpassed it – in February when he managed to sink a 3-pointer against the Oklahoma City Thunder with Abdul-Jabbar in attendance. He achieved the feat as both reached it in their 20th NBA season as he smashed a record that had lasted almost four decades.

2. 2023 becomes the first time all teams from California are in the NBA Playoffs

California is a rather proud basketball state, and with four teams representing it, there is usually at least one that typically qualifies for the postseason. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors are usually there, while the Los Angeles Clippers also make an appearance rather frequently, too.

The Sacramento Kings, though, last appeared in the playoffs in the 2005-2006 season, therefore ending their own drought of 17 years. They will now meet the GSW in the playoffs as they get to stay on the west coast.

The Lakers were the team that needed to qualify through the Play-In Tournament, though, and by beating the Minnesota Timberwolves, it meant it was the first time that all four teams in California would be competing in the postseason.

3. Sacramento Kings tickets were pricey!

Given that it is the first time the Sacramento Kings will be playing in the playoffs for 17 years, it is unsurprising that there has been a high demand for tickets. So much so, that it appears they could be the most expensive for a first-round postseason game in history. Some tickets have been spotted to be around the $500 mark.

4. The end of the All-Star Game?

Could 2023 signal the end of the All-Star Game as we know it? It is unlikely, but with viewing figures revealing that it was the least-watched edition, there might be a change in the offing soon enough. According to the figures, less than five million people tuned in to watch the spectacle; a trend that appears to be continuing to spiral downward with each year. It also attracted plenty of criticism, too. That was all even though Jayson Tatum managed to sink a record 55 points in the game.

5. Sacramento defeats the Los Angeles Clippers 176-175

High-scoring is something that all basketball fans want, and those watching the Kings and Clippers on February 24 were treated to a spectacular game of point-scoring. A total of 351 points were scored between the two, making it the second-highest point-scoring game in the history of the NBA.

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