NBA Mock Draft 2022

2022 NBA Mock Draft: Houston Takes Holmgren

It’s time for our first Mock Draft of the year! This isn’t my personal big board but more of how I think most teams will act. I used to simulate a lotto and I know this is extremely unlikely (the Mavs have never moved up in the lotto in the past 41 years.) but it’s more fun than just going by standings.

I will only be going in depth on the Lotto choices but welcome any discussion about the choices. Without further hesitation here we go.


1- Houston:

Chet Holmgren- 20: 7’1 200 Big Gonzaga. Comp= smaller but better passing KP.

Houston could really use defense and passing. With Wood’s days in H-town likely numbered it seems like a good idea to try someone defense first to pair with rising star Alperen Sengun in the front court.

2- NOLA:

Jaden Ivey- 20: 6’4 200 Guard Purdue Comp= Donovan Mitchell

NOLA has no clear direction but they need some kind of guard presence and while Chet would make a very interesting pair with Zion he is not available here and Smith seems to be a clunky fit with the Pelicans star forwards. Ivey is a great fit here with his rim attacks and shooting stroke apparently coming back. Hopefully he can make a dynamic big 3 to help move New Orleans (or Seattle) forward.

3- Orlando:

Jabari Smith jr- 19: 6’10 210 Front Court Auburn. Comp= Rashard Lewis but stronger.

This is about 2 guys, Jabari or Paolo. Based on the kind of players Orlando has drafted in the past Jabari will fit in perfectly. The Magic want to keep long defensive focused athletes in their lineups. Jabari is the one who fits that bill.

4- Dallas:

Paolo Banchero- 19: 6’9 240 Point Big Duke (Italy) Comp= Domnatas Sabonis

Ok, Dallas won’t be lucky enough to get a good pick even if they get top 4 odds they won’t get a top 4 pick. But Paolo would fit perfectly on their roster. He and KP would make short work of opponents defensive bigs and would help with the passing deficit Dallas still has.

5- Detroit:

Kendall Brown- 19: 6’8 210 Wing Baylor. Comp= Smaller AK47

Jalen Duren or Kendall Brown is hard question. However when you have Isaiah Stewart you don’t need Duren. This may come back to haunt Detroit but not any more than all the other moves they have made.

6- OKC:

Jalen Duren- 18: 6’10 241 Big Memphis Comp= More Athletic and Defense minded Jermaine O’Neil

OKC loves their athletes, they want potential and no one in this draft has the potential of Duren on defense. Moses Brown looked like an actual starter in OKC just because he could get put backs. Jalen is one of the best put back guys in college, he’s an amazing defender and has show the ability to switch which was the thing he was said not to be able to do.

7- San Antonio:

Nicola Jovic- 19: 6’10 Forward Mega Basket (Serbia). Comp= Tom Chambers with handles

The Spurs are going to be throwing fits that they dropped out of getting Duren as he is exactly what they want. Jovic seems like the kind of player they could get the most out of though and that is where I think they would go.

8- Indiana:

Jaden Hardy- 19: 6’5 185 Wing G-League. Comp= Buddy Hield.

There isn’t a clear direction for Indiana and we probably won’t find one till after the deadline. That being said Hardy seems like the safe choice, and that’s who I will go with.

9- Sacramento:

Bryce McGowens- 19: 6’7 180 Wing Nebraska. Comp= Jamaal Crawford ish

Both McGowens and Mathurin got major consideration from me here. I went Bryce for his potential to take some of the shot creation duties from Fox. However, I could easily take Bennedict and feel like I made the right choice as well.

10- Portland:

Bennedict Mathurin- 20: 6’7 195 Wing Arizona (Canada). Comp= QRich

Mathurin would be fantastic for Portland. He fits in as the wing next to Dame after they finally trade CJ. His shooting and switch ability will be a great help to the team.

11- New York:

Keegan Murray- 22: 6’8 215 Forward Iowa. Comp= Mo Harkless

Well, Keegan plays defense, Thibs loves defense and also seems to love not playing Obi Toppin. This lets him not play Obadiah and play more defense.

12- Atlanta:

Patrick Baldwin Jr.- 19: 6’10 205 Forward Milwaukee. Comp= Mike Dunleavy Jr

Atlanta will always swing big. Baldwin was considered a top Pick candidate before his struggles playing for his dad. He has one of the highest potentials left and would help spread the floor for Trae in a very helpful way.

13- Toronto:

Adrian Griffin Jr.- 19: 6’7 180 Wing Duke Comp= Jimmy Butler lite

Griffin skipped his last year of high school to train with his dad (Raptors assistant coach)

as he recovered from a knee injury. An injury that has lead to a slow start, and one that could lead him to the team that knows him best.

14- Charlotte:

Caleb Houstan- 19: 6’8 210 Wing Michigan (Canada). Comp= Danny Green

Charlotte needs a big, there isn’t one here. I expect them to trade the pick or go for a wing and here is the best wing available.

Post Lotto:

15- Philly:

Dyson Daniels- 19: 6’6 180 Guard Ignite (Australia). Comp= Malcom Brogdon

16- Boston:

Jean Montero- 19: 6’2 180 Point Overtime Elite (Dominican Republic). Comp= Something between Schröder and Fox.

17- Minnesota:

Ochai Agbaji- 22: 6’5 215 Wing Kansas (Nigeria). Comp= Josh Richardson

18- Memphis:

Julian Champagnie- 21: 6’7 217 Forward St.John’s. Comp= Bertans with handle.

19- Washington:

Wendell Moore- 21: 6’5 216 Wing Duke. Comp= Josh Hart

20- Denver:

Johnny Davis- 20: 6’5 200 Wing Wisconsin. Comp= Kevin Martin ish.

21- OKC:

JD Davidson- 19: 6’3 175 Guard Alabama. Comp= Dennis Smith jr.

22- Houston:

Tyty Washington- 20: 6’3 175 Guard Kentucky. Comp= Brandon Knight

23- Milwaukee:

Terrence Shannon Jr- 21: 6’6 209 Wing Texas Tech. Comp= Kelly Oubre jr

24- Memphis:

Kennedy Chandler- 19: 6’ 172 Point Tennessee. Comp= Cam Payne

25- Cleveland:

Marjon Beauchamp- 21: 6’7 225 Wing Ignite. Comp= Josh Howard

26- Chicago:

Max Christie- 19: 6’7 185 Wing Michigan St. Comp= Jeremy Lamb+

27- Memphis:

Christian Koloko- 22: 7’ 145 Big Arizona comp= Poor Mans Mitchell Robinson

28- Miami:

Heugo Besson- 21: 6’3 195 Guard NZ Breakers (France). Comp= Goran Dragic

29- Golden State:

Ousmane Dieng- 19: 6’7 210 Wing New Zealand Breakers (France). Comp= Nick Batum.

30- OKC:

John Butler- 19: 7’1 190 Big FSU. Comp= Baby KAT.

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