2022 NBA Mock Draft

2022 NBA Mock Draft 3.0: Rounds 1 & 2, plus Top Undrafted Players

March Madness is upon us, and it’s time for another version of a 2022 NBA Mock Draft! The lottery order was simulated on Tankathon, and the remainder of the draft order is based on current NBA standings.

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1st Houston Rockets: Chet Holmgren

20: 7’1 200 Big Gonzaga. Comp= smaller but better passing KP.

Houston Needs a defensive piece and Chet is one of the greatest defensive prospects of the past 15 years. His fit with Sengun works, letting Sengun stay on 5s in the post, but letting Chet be the rim protector on defense. His ability to shoot and pass will fit in well in a rockets team still in search of a true point guard. 

2nd Detroit Pistons: Jabari Smith jr

19: 6’10 210 Front Court Auburn. Comp= Rashard Lewis with less creation. 

The Pistons need a secondary scorer to take off some of Cade’s usage, but also is more consistent than Bey. Jabari is the ideal second option and is also an amazing defender. His ability to create clean looks for himself is non existent but Cade will take care of that problem. 

3rd Indiana Pacers: Jaden Ivey

20: 6’4 200 Guard Purdue Comp= Donovan Mitchell

The Pacers get to keep Ivey in state. He immediately fits in with Haliburton to create a dynamic backcourt to create problems for teams into the next decade. The spread floor of the Pacers allows Ivey to murder teams at the rim and I am excited just thinking about it. 

4th Orlando Magic: Paolo Banchero

19: 6’9 240 Big Duke (Italy) Comp= Domantas Sabonis

The Magic have a lot of defensive pieces, but desperately need a primary scorer to lighten some of the load on Cole Anthony. Paolo is probably going to be the best pure scorer in the class and the Magic as currently constructed should be perfectly set up to cover his weaknesses and push his strengths to higher heights. 

5th Oklahoma City Thunder: Jalen Duren

18: 6’10 241 Pivot Memphis Comp= More Athletic and Defense minded Jermaine O’Neal

Duren is the youngest player in the draft, but he does not look it. Duren is already the same size as prime Dwight Howard. If he grows any or puts on any more muscle we are looking at someone who is going to be able to dominate physically in a way we don’t often see in the association. His skills are behind his body but some of his skills like his passing, and defense are ahead of schedule.

6th Sacramento Kings: Adrian Griffin Jr.

19: 6’7 180 Wing Duke Comp= Jimmy Butler 

The Kings will take the wrong pick in real life, but I’m being nice and giving them the best player available. Sacramento also desperately needs a wing and AJ is a perfect fit to be their shooting guard/small forward of the future. He is a very technically sound player who also has an NBA ready body. Injuries concerns could make him drop farther, but talent could see him drafted much higher than this ranking. 

7th San Antonio Spurs: Shaedon Sharpe

18: 6’6 200 Wing Kentucky (Canada). Comp= slower Zach LaVine. 

The Spurs need a star, and Sharpe— who might not even be declaring for this draft— has star potential. He is a major athlete who also is a three level scorer. Sharpe should declare for the draft he’s a top 10 pick lock even if he never plays for Kentucky this year. 

8th Portland Trailblazers: Johnny Davis

20: 6’5 200 Wing Wisconsin. Comp= Kevin Martin ish.

Man, if Davis was a better shooter from the arch he would be higher on this list. He’s not going to stand out athletically and will be an average defender, but he’s a very smooth scorer and a great leader for teams. 

9th Portland Trailblazers: Kendall Brown

19: 6’8 210 Wing Baylor. Comp= Smaller AK47 

The Blazers tend to like athletic forwards and you do not get more athletic at the 3-4 position in this class than the Afro with rockets for feet. Brown plays a very complementary game which will fit well with the other young players in Portland. 

10th New York Knicks: Keegan Murray

22: 6’8 215 Forward Iowa. Comp= Marcus Morris who isn’t a dirty player and plays real defense.

Keegan has fallen too far and Murray would be a good fit here even if they don’t move on from Thibs. If Thibs somehow miraculously keeps his job, Murray is a fantastic defender who will also keep Obi Toppin on the bench because he plays the same position. If Thibs is gone Keegan will still make an impact with his team friendly game and leadership. 

11th Memphis Grizzlies: Jaden Hardy

19: 6’5 185 Wing G-League. Comp= Jordan Clarkson ish? 

The Grizzlies are gonna swing big with their pick. That means reaching a bit for the player with the most upside. Hardy is definitely not the best fit available to come to Beale St. (Bennedict Mathurin) but he is going to absolutely raise the ceiling. Hardy is a scorers scorer. Just like they reached on Zaire Williams this is a reach, but just like that reach worked out I wouldn’t be surprised if this works out the same way. 

12th Washington Wizards: Bennedict Mathurin

20: 6’5 195 Wing Arizona (Canada). Comp= QRich 

Mathurin could easily go as high as 5 this year depending on how the lotto works out. He is designed to be a better role player than a star like he is at Arizona. 

13th Atlanta Hawks: Tyty Washington

20: 6’3 175 Guard Kentucky. Comp= Brandon Knight Ish

Tyty is the best point guard in the draft (unless you count Ivey as a point guard) while also being able to play off ball. His ability to play off ball means he could help Trae be more of an off ball weapon instead of just a heliocentric player, while also finally giving the Hawks a backup point guard they have looked to add for years. 

14th Charlotte Hornets: Walker Kessler

20: 7’1 245 Pivot Auburn.  Comp= Brook Lopez 

Charlotte goes with the best center available. Kessler is the best college player on Auburn (not the best prospect) and he is one of the best shot blockers in NCAA history. His ability to bring major change on defense and be a good roll man will be great next to Ball and Co. Add in the fact that he is starting to spread the floor he could really become a major game changer. 

15th Houston Rockets: Jeremy Sochan

19: 6’7 220 Forward Baylor (Poland) comp= taller Matisse Thybulle

The Rockets can swing on potential with this pick and Sochan is a very unique athlete who could really become an amazing defender. The problem of him being a zero on offense could be negated on a team with so many scorers. 

16th Oklahoma City Thunder: Blake Wesley

19: 6’4 170 Guard Notre Dame. Comp= Wes Mathews with less shooting and defense 

OKC tends to go with potential and Wesley has that in spades. He can’t shoot yet, but it looks like its going to eventually happen. His body looks like he’s going to eventually be a great defender. 

17th San Antonio Spurs: Ochai Agbaji

22: 6’5 215 Wing Kansas (Nigeria). Comp= Josh Richardson

The Spurs got their star earlier its now time to build around Sharpe (plus Murray, Vassell and Johnson) Ochai is a great defender who can also really shoot. He is the perfect complement to those more ball dominant stars. 

18th Minnesota Timberwolves: Tari Eason

21: 6’8 215 Big LSU. Comp= James Johnson

Another defensive big to help KAT? Yes, another defensive big to help KAT. Tari can also attack miss matches and maybe take Vanderbilt’s spot because of his abilities on offense being less of a sacrifice to keep defense on the floor. 

19th Indiana Pacers: Marjon Beauchamp

22: 6’7 225 Wing Ignite. Comp= Josh Howard 

Marjon is the kind of prospect Rick seems to like, not that he likes prospects, and at this point in the draft his age isn’t as big of a worry. If he can ever shoot this pick is going to look PHENOMENAL. 

20th San Antonio Spurs: EJ Liddell

21: 6’7 240 Big Ohio St. Comp= Poor Man’s Tobias Harris. 

The spurs once again go for a defensive prospect, EJ will be able to play small ball 5 as well as 4. His scoring might not translate perfectly but I think the spurs should be willing to roll the dice. 

21st Dallas Mavericks: Mark Wiliams

20: 7’ 245 Big Duke. Comp= Derrick Favors

The Mavs want to play their switching defense, but also need a big to do so. This means Mark Williams could be the guy. If they go for a wing look at Daniels, Houstan or Moore. Williams is a great defender who Luka/Brunson/Dinwiddie will feed a healthy diet of lobs. 

22nd Chicago Bulls: Max Christie

19: 6’7 185 Wing Michigan St. Comp= Jeremy Lamb

The Bulls get Christie to come right over and play as a great wing option. Hopefully he’s gonna learn how to be more consistent and if he is it will make a fantastic complement to DeMarr and company. 

23rd Denver Nuggets: Wendell Moore

21: 6’5 216 Wing Duke. Comp= Dahntay Jones +

DVR goes for a good defender and passer to add to the team they are building. This is a smart pick but not a sexy pick. 

24th Philadelphia 76ers: Julian Champagnie

21: 6’7 217 Forward St.John’s. Comp= Bertans with handle. 

Philly needs more shooters and Champagnie is one who also provides a bit of ball handling as well for a tall player with the ability to play 2-4. 

25th Milwaukee Bucks: Nikola Jovic

19: 6’10 Forward Mega Basket (Serbia). Comp= Tom Chambers with handles

Jovic has the potential to be a better Champagnie, but he’s going to take a bit of time. The Bucks have time to let him develop in the right ways and hopefully help his defense. 

26th Memphis Grizzlies: Bryce McGowens

19: 6’7 180 Wing Nebraska. Comp= Jamaal Crawford ish

McGowens is a creator who would be a great sixth man for a Memphis team that is already loaded. I have a feeling these later picks for them will be traded but I don’t do that in my mock drafts. 

27th Miami Heat: Patrick Baldwin Jr.

19: 6’10 205 Forward Milwaukee. Comp= Worse Shooting Davis Bertans

The Heat love shooters and Baldwin has the reputation of being a shooter, even though it hasn’t happened in college or FIBA play. 

28th Golden State: Dyson Daniels

19: 6’6 180 Guard Ignite (Australia). Comp= Josh Green

Daniels can defend and pass, but he can’t shoot or handle. The Warriors hopefully help him learn to shoot but he’s got all the other skills you want. 

29th Memphis Grizzlies: Malaki Branham

19: 6’5 175 Wing Ohio St. Comp= Dwayne Bacon

Branham is the late riser who has a ton of potential. Memphis could be the one to pick him if they decide to keep all their picks. 

30th Oklahoma City Thunder: Caleb Houstan

19: 6’8 210 Wing Michigan (Canada). Comp= Danny Green

The Thunder go with the potential of Houstan who is a passing shooter that can defend multiple positions. 

31st Orlando Magic: Matteo Spagnolo

19: 6’6 190 Point/Wing Vanoli Cremona (Italy). Comp= Spencer Dinwiddie 

32nd Indiana Pacers: Gabriele Procida 

19: 6’7 185 Forward Fortitudo (Italy). Comp=  Rudy Fernandez

33rd Toronto Raptors: Jordan Hall

20: 6’8 210 Forward St Joe’s. Comp= Slow Mo lite.

34th Oklahoma City Thunder: Ousmane Dieng

19: 6’7 210 Wing New Zealand Breakers (France). Comp= Nick Batum. 

35th Orlando Magic: Jean Montero

19: 6’2 180 Point Overtime Elite (Dominican Republic). Comp= Something between Schröder and Fox.

36th Sacramento Kings: Peyton Watson

19: 6’7 190 Wing UCLA. Comp= Jeff Green

37th Cleveland Cavaliers: Christian Braun

20: 6’6 218 Wing Kansas. Comp= Smaller Kevin Huerter

38th Portland Trailblazers: John Butler

19: 7’1 190 Big FSU. Comp= Baby KAT. 

39th Charlotte Hornets: Harrison Ingram

20: 6’8 230 Wing Stanford. Comp= Anthony Mason

40th New York Knicks: Yannick Nzosa

19: 6’10 200 Big Unicaja (Congo). Comp= Super Tall MKG 

41st San Antonio Spurs: Trevor Keels

19: 6’4 221 Guard Duke. Comp= Lu Dort

42nd Minnesota Timberwolves: Alondes Williams

23: 6’5 210 Wing Wake Forrest. Comp= Lou Williams Minus.  

43rd Atlanta Hawks: Heugo Besson

21: 6’3 195 Guard NZ Breakers (France). Comp= Poor Mans Tyler Herro

44th Charlotte Hornets: Alex Fudge

19: 6’7 175 Forward LSU. Comp= Dorian Finney Smith 

45th Detroit Pistons: Ismael Kamagate

22: 6’11 230 Pivot Paris (France). Comp= Daniel Gafford with a jumper. 

46th Los Angeles Clippers: Trayce Jackson-Davis

22: 6’9 245 Forward Indiana. Comp= Terrence Jones 

47th Golden State Warriors: Trevion Williams

21: 6’10 265 Big Pit. Comp= Glen Davis with passing 

48th Minnesota Timberwolves: Christian Koloko

22: 7’ 145 Big Arizona (Cameroon) comp= Poor Mans Mitchell Robinson 

49th New Orleans Pelicans: JD Davidson

19: 6’3 175 Guard Alabama. Comp= Dennis Smith jr. 

50th Boston Celtics: Jaylin Williams

20- 6’10 240 Big Arkansas. Comp= Ed Davis ish

51st Minnesota Timberwolves: Aminu Mohammed

20: 6’4 180 Guard Georgetown (Nigeria). Comp= Lu Dort

52nd Sacramento Kings: Kennedy Chandler

19: 6’ 172 Point Tennessee. Comp= Cam Payne 

53rd Washington Wizards: Michael Foster

19: 6’9 220 Big Ignite. Comp= Julius Randle’s cousin 

54th Miami Heat: FORFEITED!

55th Milwaukee Bucks: FORFEITED!

56th New Orleans Pelicans: Jamie Jaquez Jr

22: 6’6 220 Wing UCLA. Comp= Adam Morrison 

57th Cleveland Cavaliers: Will Richardson

22: 6’5 181 Guard Oregon. Comp= Poor man’s Tyrese Haliburton. 

58th Golden State Warriors: Mathew Mayer

22: 6’9 225 Forward Baylor. Comp= Gordon Hayward lite.

59th Portland Trailblazers: Dereon Seabron

22: 6’7 180 Wing NC State. Comp= Marcus Smart with less of a jumper. 

60th Indiana Pacers: Oscar Tshiebwe

22: 6’9 260 Big Kentucky (Congo). Comp= Andre Drummond 

*Heat and Bucks forfeited their second rounders for cheating.

Best Undrafted Players:

1. Josh Minott- 20: 6’8 205 wing Memphis. Comp= DJJ starter kit. 

2. Jabari Walker- 20: 6’8 200 Forward Colorado. Comp= Sterling Brown

3. Mathew Cleveland- 19: 6’6 180 Wing Florida St. Comp= Spencer Dinwiddie Ish

4. Moussa Diabaté- 19: 6’11 210 Big Michigan. (France/Guinea) Comp= Serge Ibaka starter kit

5. Iverson Molinar- 22: 6’1 190 Point Mississippi St. (Panama) Comp= Trey Burke 

6. Keon Ellis- 22: 6’6 175 Wing Alabama. Comp= Dorian Finney Smith. 

7. Ron Harper jr- 21: 6’6 245 Wing Rutgers. Comp= Gary Harris lite 

8. Hyunjung Lee- 20: 6’7 210 Wing Davidson (S Korea) Comp= Sasha Vujacic. 

9. Terquavion Smith- 20: 6’3 180 Guard NC St. Comp= Bones Highland lite. 

10. Isaiah Wong- 21: 6’3 180 Guard Miami. Comp= shorter Derrick White

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