The One Player Each Team Should Trade at the Deadline

It’s trade season, and you know what that means? Trade rumors and more trade rumors! With those rumors comes player speculation from various teams, involving many players. Some of these players in these rumors either are requested trades or players that no longer fit their teams present or future plans. Some of these players are also trade chips to help their teams improve to get to the next level. With that in mind, here’s one player each team should consider trading before the trade deadline. 

Atlanta Hawks

Danilo Gallinari

With two years and $20.4 million left in his deal, I think Gallinari is the better option to trade off the current Hawks team. Sure, there are rumors that John Collins is unhappy with his role on the Hawks, but Gallinari is someone I don’t see being in the Hawks long term plan. This is because they’ll have to pay DeAndre Hunter soon and also have Trae Young’s extension kicking in soon. Why not trade him for a few extra assets to a team that may need his skill set?

Boston Celtics

Josh Richardson/Dennis Schroeder

While Dennis Schroeder makes only $5.8 million, Josh Richardson makes $11.6 million. Although Schroeder’s deal may be easier to trade, I have a feeling that the Celtics may be more willing to let Richardson go. Recently, the Celtics acquired wing PJ Dozier, in addition to already having other wings suchs Aaron Nesmith, Romeo Langford, and Grant Williams as backups to Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. With their depth at the wings, this makes Richardson expendable and more likely to be a trade piece. Maybe Boston can get something useful back for Richardson. 

Brooklyn Nets

Joe Harris

With Joe Harris due $17.3 million a year for the next three seasons, he is someone the Brooklyn Nets can use to turn into two or three players that can help their depth. Right now he’s out after having surgery on his ankle, but if they can find the right team to trade him to to get more useful (and healthy) rotation players, it could help the Nets snap out of the losing ways they have had recently.

Charlotte Hornets

Kelly Oubre Jr

Making only $12 million for the next two seasons, Kelly Oubre Jr. is a skilled offensive player. Is he someone that the Hornets may pay past next season? I doubt it, to be honest. Why not see what you can get for him now instead of letting him leave for nothing? He is a skilled player, but will they be able to afford what he may want to be paid down the line?

Chicago Bulls

Derrick Jones Jr. 

Although Jones Jr. has played a key role in the Bulls success this year, he has been injured for part of the season. If the Chicago Bulls are looking to upgrade their roster, using Derrick Jones Jr and his $9.7 Million dollar salary is a way for them to do it.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Colin Sexton

Getting paid $6.3 million this season and being out for the year with a torn ACL, Sexton could emerge as a future trade piece for the Cavs. He could be used to upgrade their roster even more after the Caris LeVert deal. He’s also a restricted free agent after this year and is similar to Darius Garland in size. I could see the Cavs moving on from Sexton with his injury and trading him to a new team with a need at Guard.

Dallas Mavericks

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Tim Hardaway Jr. is currently out with an injury and also hasn’t fit well in Jason Kidd’s new offensive system. He is owed $21.3 million a year also. Hardaway Jr. essentially lost his starting role to Jalen Brunson. If they can turn Hardaway Jr into a player that can help the Dallas Mavericks into a more dangerous team, then why not?

Denver Nuggets

Michael Porter Jr.

Porter Jr. is also currently out for the season with a back injury. When healthy, he’s a dangerous offensive player that can score from anywhere. If a rebuilding team is willing to take a chance on him staying healthy and is willing to send the Denver Nuggets useful players to do so, why wouldn’t Denver take a second to at least think about trading Porter Jr. and solidifying their bench?

Detroit Pistons

Jerami Grant

One of the hottest trade assets in the league, Jerami Grant is someone that can take a team to the next level. On the right team, he can turn an NBA contender into a title team (like the Chicago Bulls). He can also turn a fringe playoff team into a contender too. The question is will the right team give enough pieces for the Detroit Pistons to be satisfied with letting him go?

Golden State Warriors

James Wiseman

Still out due to a knee injury, James Wiseman is someone the Golden State Warriors can use with a few of their other young core pieces to acquire one more valuable piece to add to their core for a championship run with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

Houston Rockets

Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon and his $18.2 million dollar salary could be a valuable piece for any contender to make a move to elevate their team. He’s a NBA veteran that stands out on a young Houston Rockets team that has three years still left on his deal. He’ll be more of a help on a playoff team trying to make a deep playoff run.

Indiana Pacers

Myles Turner

Now that Domantas Sabonis is traded to the Sacramento Kings, you would think that they’ll keep Myles Turner. I don’t necessarily think so, because I don’t think the Indiana Pacers are done dealing yet. Don’t be surprised by Thursday if you hear Turner also being dealt to a new team sometime soon.

Los Angeles Clippers

Marcus Morris

With the Los Angeles Clippers acquiring Norman Powell and Robert Covington, it gives them more depth and a different look as a team. Maybe the Clippers aren’t finished dealing yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Clippers want to change their forward rotation. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Clippers would rather keep Covington and Nicolas Batum going forward. Don’t be surprised if Marcus Morris is someone they would want to trade. Maybe they could get a first round pick for the veteran forward.

Los Angeles Lakers

Talen Horton-Tucker

Talen Horton-Tucker for this season makes $9.5 million a year. Although unproven so far, he’s still young and can make an impact for the right team. He hasn’t lived up to the expectations that the Los Angeles Lakers have for him. Still, he and his salary could bring in someone who could help the Lakers right away (especially if you add a pick to the deal).

Memphis Grizzlies

Kyle Anderson

Kyle Anderson is a key veteran on an expiring deal. Making $9.9 million a year, I don’t think The Memphis Grizzlies will re-sign him to a long term deal, due to the depth of their team. Since he’s on an expiring deal, maybe the Grizzlies can send him to another team. They could get a pick for him or upgrade their roster even more by sending him with a pick and young players to get a really good player to pair with Ja Moran.

Miami Heat

Duncan Robinson

For Miami, it’s tough to find anyone that they should try to trade. If there’s one that they may want to trade it’s probably Duncan Robinson. They’ll be able to find Robinson’s replacement easier, with his $15.6 million salary gone. They can put that money  towards someone like Tyler Herro, who is the better player at the moment.

Milwaukee Bucks

Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez is the perfect stretch big in today’s game. Despite his absence, the Milwaukee Bucks have been doing well without Lopez in the lineup. His ability to stretch the floor with his shooting and protect the rim a bit, the Bucks may no longer need his abilities on the team. They could use him in a trade to shore up some of the other weaknesses on their roster.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Taurian Prince

Taurian Prince is now making $13 million a year and is also an expiring deal. His salary could be used to help the Minnesota Timberwolves acquire another key piece to their rotation, as long as they add a pick to the deal alongside him as well.

New Orleans Pelicans

Devonte Graham

With the acquisition of CJ McCollum, Devonte Graham has become less than essential for the New Orleans Pelicans. Graham hasn’t been playing well for the Pelicans, so maybe he could use a change of scenery to increase his play on the court.

New York Knicks

Julius Randle

As a New York Knicks fan, I can’t tell you enough how frustrated I get watching Julius Randle play for my Knicks. Now that he’s eligible to be traded,  the Knicks can’t waste this opportunity to deal him away and therefore hand over the team to RJ Barrett. There’s way too many moments and instances to count, showing that Randle isn’t the right player to lead the Knicks. From his thumbs down towards the crowd to him getting upset with one of the assistant coaches on the bench. I don’t think Randle is a good fit as the face of the franchise. Let’s end this frustrating process and move forward from Randle please.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Derrick Favors

A veteran journeyman, Derrick Favors is one of the few veterans on the young Oklahoma City Thunder team. I think Favors may be more useful as a back up to a quality Center like Nicola Vucevic in Chicago. Right now he’s not really doing much on this Thunder team other than wasting away.

Orlando Magic

Markelle Fultz

The former number one overall pick, Markelle Fultz is now making $16.5 million a year. With the rise of Cole Anthony and Jalen Suggs on the team, I think Fultz time has passed for him to make an impact on the Orlando Magic. He’ll probably be playing behind Anthony and Suggs when he returns from his injury. Even though he’s a skilled player at times, he no longer has the high upside he once had. Every team knows what he can bring but knows he won’t be able to stay healthy to do so.

Philadelphia 76ers

Ben Simmons

There’s been enough said about Ben Simmons and his stance on playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. I won’t repeat that here because you’re probably tired of hearing about why he isn’t playing right now. He’s on the list because it’s pretty obvious that the team should trade him sooner than later. The relationship between Simmons and the 76ers is beyond repair at this point unfortunately.

Portland Trailblazers

Jusif Nurkic

With CJ McCollum, Norman Powell, and Robert Covington already dealt in the last few days, it’s Jusif Nurkic’s turn to go. A talented Center for the Portland Trailblazers when healthy, Nurkic is someone that won’t fit the Blazers next step on building this team. It doesn’t matter if they are keeping Damian Liliard and building around him or rebuilding in general. It’s time to see what you can get for Nurkic and tear this team down.

Sacramento Kings

De’Aaron Fox

I’m very surprised that Fox is on this list, due to a couple trades that happened. I thought he would have been traded already, but that’s not the case yet. Despite the acquisition of Domantas Sabonis and the departure of Tyrese Haliburton, I still think the Sacramento Kings should find a way to trade De’aaron Fox. Although a talented player, his play style hasn’t helped the Kings win many games with him on the team. I also don’t see him as a good fit with Sabonis either.

San Antonio Spurs

Thaddeus Young

With his $14.1 million expiring deal and on a bad San Antonio Spurs team, Thaddeus Young may be a valuable player elsewhere than on the team. Can the Spurs turn his salary into another useful young player (or players) and get a pick or two out of it?

Toronto Raptors

Goran Dragic

Goran Dragic has been away from the Toronto Raptors since early in the season. The Raptors could use his services but Dragic hasn’t been willing to play for him for whatever reason. He’s making $19.4 million this year. If dealt to the right team, he could bring back a valuable player and a pick or two to help the Raptors build their core even more.

Utah Jazz

Joe Ingles

As you know, Joe Ingles is now out for the season. Now his $13 million dollar deal is more useful as a trade asset instead of as a player. Utah could use his salary to bring a much needed player to add to their team to shore up their weaknesses. They could use another defender alongside Rudy Gobert and Royce O’Neal. With Ingles’ expiring deal, they could use the asset plus a pick or two to bring someone in.

Washington Wizards

Bradley Beal

Now that we know that Bradley Beal is out for the season with a wrist injury, it’s time to maybe see if it’s time to move on from Beal. The Washington Wizards haven’t done much since John Wall and Beal were together a while back. Now they know that Beal can’t carry a franchise by himself unfortunately. Why not use this time to see if you can get a good set of young players and picks for him?

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