Dennis Schröder with the Boston Celtics

That’s a Bold Strategy, Dennis. Let’s See if it Pays Off.

I am no mathematician but 5.9 million dollars doesn’t seem to be within spitting distance of the 84 million dollars the Los Angeles Lakers offered Dennis Schröder.

I’m all about taking a gamble on yourself and trying to get the best deal possible, but isn’t this why NBA players have agents?!

As soon as I start getting that Celtics money, my first order of business would be to fire my agent. The Lakers acquired Russell Westbrook and it went downhill for Dennis. 

The Boston Celtics were able to sign Schröder and get him for an absolute bargain. 

They are in desperate need of an offensive weapon after getting rid of Kemba Walker. You get a player still in the prime of his career for a STEAL!

Now, I have two theories:

  1. He didn’t want to play in LA because LeBron James is a terrible teammate.
  2. LeBron didn’t offer him a role in “Space Jam: A New Legacy.” 

Are these theories wrong? Probably! But, I’m going to stick with them. 

In all honesty, I hope it works out for Dennis. This could either be the best gamble ever or could be the biggest mistake he ever made.

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