Keyonte George 2023 NBA Draft Profile

Keyonte George is a 6’4”, 185 lb Freshman combo guard at Baylor University. The 19-year-old is a fantastic scorer who has shown some passing instincts while holding his own on his defense. The McDonalds All American and IMG Alumni is so far living up to the hype early in Waco and is climbing up many draft boards as we get more tape and information on him.


The Good


George is a great space creator who can get into people’s chests and take contact on the way to the hoop. He is unselfish and while not a true point guard he can make some nice reads with the ball in his hands to create some easy baskets for teammates. 


George is going to give effort and seems to play larger than his listed 185. I would not be shocked if he’s closer to 200. His ability to play physically makes him a more switchable defender and that makes him more valuable. 

The Bad 


Keyonte sometimes thinks too much of his own shot and could shoot his team out of games if he’s off. But so far that seems to be held in check by coaching. A good team and development staff will be able to fix that. 


He seems to have a plus wingspan but his size makes his defense somewhat limited. However, he really seems to try and this won’t be a huge detriment at the next level. 

Projected Draft Range

The draft range for George is gonna be wide just because of his position but I think he could go as high as 3 and no lower than 10. 


Due to his size and build the Bradley Beal comps are very easy to see. You could also see shades of Jaden Hardy, Jordan Clarkson, Mitch Richmond, and Rodney Stuckey. 

Ideal Fits 

Due to his ability to play both on and off the ball while not giving up much, if anything, on defense it’s hard to find a team that George doesn’t fit in on. The Spurs, Pistons, Hornets, and Knicks would be ideal fits.

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