Top 10 @nba_paint Tweets

NBA Paint’s Greatest Hits: Top 10 @nba_paint Tweets to Date

Twitter is full of incredible NBA content. From podcasters to writers to graphic designers, there is a plethora of high-quality work to be found.

Then, there’s NBA Paint (@nba_paint). While others meticulously chase perfection, NBA Paint runs laps around NBA Twitter’s other creative minds.

Using Microsoft Paint and rudimentary screen recordings, this account hilariously plays on words from NBA players, teams, and more. There are no figures of speech on NBA Paint’s timeline.

To celebrate this account’s genius, I’ve put together a list of my ten personal favorite tweets to date.

10. Judge Rudy

9. Extra Personal Foul

8. Shai Guy-Alexander

7. Dwight Coward

6. Tobias Harris

5. K-Low’s Absolute Dump Truck

4. Buddy/Guy

3. “The Shot”

2. Hookah Doncic

1. Montrezl Harrell Cutting Ties

There you have it – the top ten NBA Paint tweets to date. Is one of your favorites missing? Hit us at @hoop_social on Twitter to join the discussion!

If you’ve gotten to this point and aren’t yet following @nba_paint on Twitter, you’re making questionable life choices. Check out the NBA Paint Store to load up on merch from your favorite tweets!

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