The 2022-23 HoopSocial Preseason Writers’ survey

The 2022-23 HoopSocial Preseason Writers’ survey

The new season is almost upon us. The staff at HoopSocial answered some crucial questions heading into the new season.

1. Who will win the NBA title?

Coldiron: Warriors will cruise to a repeat title.

Kyle Grondin: give me the best player in the world and the Milwaukee Bucks to beat the Golden State Warriors.

Jordan Ennis: Giannis is the Best player in the world. When it matters I expect him to show up. I am going with the Bucks. 

Nathan Schwartz: This has to be one of the most balanced seasons in the last 20 years. Every major contender has potential flaws. I would say Golden State repeating is the safest bet as their core (Draymond punch aside) are all healthy and reasonabily likely to stay that way.

Shaun Holkko: Call me crazy, but I’m going with the Nets. Ben Simmons is going to excel alongside KD and Kyrie. All three superstars have a lot to prove this season.

Jonathan Ennis: I’m a big believer in the best player in the world having the best odds so give me Giannis and the Bucks.

Orry: off-season issues will galvanize the Celtics and they will prove last year was no fluke!

Burns: The Char- Boston Celtics. Brad Stevens will take over mid-season, Timelord will come back healthy, and Malcolm Brogdon will make a huge impact on the second unit.

Dimitris Palamoutakis: I’ve been picking the Bucks for 4 years in a row, it would be a shame to ruin my streak, wouldn’t it?

2. What will be the biggest surprise of the season?

Coldiron: Portland blows it up and enters the tank by Christmas.

KG: the Houston Rockets reach the play-in over the Lakers and Kings.

Jordan Ennis: Chris Pau will face a rapid decline and the suns will struggle to get out of the play in range. 

Nathan Schwartz: Denver gets frisky at the trade deadline

Shaun: The Sacramento Kings end the longest playoff drought in NBA history. Not play-in… PLAYOFFS. Mike Brown is the real deal.

Jonathan Ennis: BOTH Houston and OKC jump out of the deep lotto and make the play in. With San Antonio and Utah attempting to win less than 15 games this year and the Thunder and Rockets only having young, hungry guys, they’ll almost accidentally get into the play in.

Orry: Atlanta hawks finish with top 6 seed

Burns: The Portland Trailblazers will finish 6th in the West.

Dimitris Palamoutakis: Raptors finish top-4 and make an ECF run

3. Who will win the NBA MVP?

Coldiron: Luka Doncic

KG: Giannis

Jordan Ennis: This is Luka’s year to win the MVP. 

Nathan: Giannis

Shaun: Joel Embiid

Jonathan Ennis: This feels like Luka’s award to lose.

Orry: Luka

Burns: Jayson Tatum

Dimitris Palamoutakis: This is a bit of a cop-out but it’s gonna be either Luka or Giannis

4. Who will win Rookie of the Year?

Coldiron: Paolo Banchero

KG: Jabari Smith Jr. 

Jordan Ennis: Paolo will have the usage to do so. Jabari being an off ball guy probably won’t. Look to Mathurin to make a dark horse push though. 

Nathan: Jabari Smith Jr

Shaun: Keegan Murray

Jonathan Ennis. Especially with recent injuries to guards on his team Paolo should have an ungodly usage rate so he should be the odds-on favorite for sure.

Orry: Paolo Banchero is going to have the numbers

Burns: Jabari Smith jr

Dimitris Palamoutakis: ROTY is Paolo’s to lose 

5. Who will win Defensive Player of the Year?

Coldiron: Draymond Green

KG: Jrue Holiday. Best defensive player in the world

Jordan Ennis: Joel Embiid could really make some noise if his usage drops a bit. 

Nathan: Rudy Gobert

Shaun: Ben Simmons

Jonathan Ennis: Bam Adebayo

Orry: Bam Adebayo

Burns: Ben Simmons

Dimitris Palamoutakis: If the Suns manage to contend, then Mikal Bridges. If they don’t it’s wide-open… maybe this is the Anthony Davis year they’ve been telling us about? 

6. Which coach will be the first to be fired?

Coldiron: Chris Finch (Timberwolves)

KG: Tom Thibodeau

Jordan Ennis: Well, I am assuming it’s gonna be Dwayne Casey or Steven Silas. 

Nathan: If Brooklyn gets off to a slow start the Nets will fire Steve Nash.

Shaun: Chauncey Billups

Jonathan Ennis: Chauncey Billups, I expect the Blazers to underperform and actually miss the playoffs.

Orry: Steve Nash, If the Nets start to underperform expect changes in Brooklyn. Ownership stood by their guy during the offseason to not look weak but there are serious concerns with nash’s coaching

Burns: Billy Donovan

Dimitris Palamoutakis: Does Ime Udoka count?

7. What is the biggest name that will end the season on a different team than the one he starts with?

Coldiron: Damian Lillard, that’s gonna happen mid-season.

KG: Bradley Beal, I’m convinced Washington only kept him to hang onto the asset. 

Jordan Ennis: Anthony Davis.

Shaun: Damian Lillard

Jonathan Ennis: Bradley Beal

Orry: Russell Westbrook

Burns: Myles Turner

Nathan Schwartz: I believe Draymond Green is gone

Dimitris Palamoutakis: Kings are disappointing, De’Aaron Fox is traded and Sacramento makes a late Wemby push 

8. What will be the biggest off-court story of the season?

Coldiron: The demise and tragedy of the Phoenix Suns.

KG: Ime Udoka’s scandal and eventual resignation.

Jordan Ennis: Luka Doncic being the new owner of his Phoenix “Sons” 

Shaun: Ime Udoka

Jonathan Ennis: It’s not gonna be the Draymond punching Poole thing… probably Ime Udoka.

Orry: ime udoka resigning amidst controversy

Burns: HoopSocial bought out by Bleacher Report for $2.1M

Dimitris Palamoutakis: The media will never let Ben Simmons off the hook that easily. His health and mental status, as well as his relationships with his teammates, will be constantly under the microscope 

9. Kyrie Irving over/under 55 games played this season?

Coldiron: Under

KG: Over. For Steve Nash’s sake I hope so. 

Jordan Ennis: Under. But only slightly. 

Shaun: Over, at least 64.

Jonathan Ennis: Soft over, I think hes going to be close to 55.

Orry: over, but barely I’ll say 58 to be different 

Burns: Over

Schwartz: Under

Dimitris Palamoutakis: Over

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