Fostering your Child's Interest in Sports on a Budget

How to Foster Your Child’s Sports Interest on a Budget

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You’re glad that your kid loves sports. You know it’s good for their health and well-being, and you enjoy watching them develop as a player. The only thing is, it costs money to keep your child involved in sports — sometimes a lot of money

The costs can wreak havoc on your budget, from the practice facilities to the equipment to the travel expenses. That’s why HoopSocial has listed these simple, cost-cutting tips for supporting your child’s sports interest:  

Don’t Pick More Than Two Sports       

It may sound simple, but it’s true: the more sports your child plays, the more it will cost. Rather than letting them play four different sports, choose one or two sports each year. This will show you what sports your kid connects with most, and as they get older, they will likely find the one they can’t live without!

If your child is only playing a sport or two, they will be able to focus all of their time and energy more directly, and your bank account will thank you. Not only will you have less equipment and gear to purchase, but you will also cut down on transportation costs.

Practice at Home      

If you pay for a membership at a sports facility, that expense can add up quickly, even if you get a discounted rate. A cheaper option is to have your child practice their sports at home if that is possible. For example, you could turn your backyard into the ideal practice field for football, soccer, or baseball. And you can make the upfront investment to lay concrete or pavement down for a basketball court.

If you want your child to start practicing at home, make sure you take care of your lawn. Connect with a local aeration service to regularly come in and assess whether or not vital ingredients are getting into the soil. Some lawn aeration companies will also manage weeds, fertilize the lawn, and offer dethatching. Be sure to do your research on Angi and not hire a company unless licensed and insured.

Purchase and Sell Used Equipment

It should come as no surprise that the newest and high-end sports equipment (e.g., shoes, helmets, bats, etc.) is also the most expensive. Besides, your child will probably be growing each year, and buying new gear each season doesn’t make much sense. The best approach is to seek out lightly used equipment and gear that you can get for cheaper.

You can find a lot of used equipment at local sports goods stores and online marketplaces; most of the items you find will look barely used. You can also sell your child’s sports equipment after using it. Check with local stores and online marketplaces to see if you can make a few extra bucks. You will just have to make sure your kid takes care of their gear so that you can pass it on. 

Pass Down Equipment

Of course, if your child has younger siblings, passing down their equipment could make the most sense. As long as the equipment is in good condition, don’t hesitate to pass it down to the younger brother or sister! 

Look for Deals        

You might be surprised where you can find discounts if you look. For example, some recreational sports leagues will give you a discount for paying for the entire season upfront. Some will take 5% or more off your bill if you pay in cash. And there are often hidden hacks for major retailers. 

Sports can be a wonderful thing in a child’s life. They can help them stay healthy, strong, and happy and provide many opportunities for socialization. But they can also cost a lot of money if you are not careful. Keep the tips in mind so you can encourage your child in their sports of choice without breaking the bank.

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