Eric’s Gambling Corner: NBA Betting Picks for 10/18/2022

I am back for some bad beats and hot picks this NBA season! Happy opening day, everyone.

Now before I say more, no, I did not die during the NBA playoffs. I took a bad beat and had to lay low for a while. I am reenergized after a very long offseason and ready to drown my sorrows in thinking the 76ers can take it all the way.

This season, I won’t be looking at analytics. We’ll leave that to the nerds. Eric’s gambling corner is 100% vibes-based, and we encourage you to bet responsibly. As Kevin Durant once said, “Who wants to look at graphs while having a hoop convo?” I’ll be bringing that same energy all season, baby.

Since there are only two games tonight night, I’ll give you my favorite moneyline, underdog moneyline, and favorite over/under.

Eric’s NBA Picks for 10/18/2023

  • Favorite: Golden State Warriors (-250)
  • Underdog: Philadelphia 76ers (+120)
  • Over: Los Angeles Lakers & Golden State Warriors (225 ½) 

Can never go wrong with picking the defending champs, right?! I also can never break myself from picking the 76ers. I will die on that hill!

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