Best Mavs Twitter Accounts to Follow

Mavs Twitter: the Best Accounts to Follow

Even though Mavs twitter can often consist of a bunch of people complaining about the Mavs (we complain less when they’re playing better) it is still a thriving online community. The #MFFL or “Mavs Fans For Life” absolutely adore their team and it’s time for me to give you a “who’s who” on which accounts you have to be following to be part of our group. 


Here are the top Mavs Twitter accounts to follow (that aren’t me, @HoopSocialDraft, the resident Meme Guy):

Dallas Mavericks – @dallasmavs

The official team twitter. 

Mark Cuban – @mcuban 

Even though he seems to sometimes get frustrated with Mavs Twitter he’s still a must follow for fans of the team. 

Tim MacMahon – @espn_macmahon

ESPN’s top writer that regularly covers the Mavericks’ beat.

Tim Cato – @tim_cato

Mavs reporter for the Athletic. 

Brad Townsend – @townbrad

Dallas Morning News sports reporter. 

Chuck Cooperstein – @coopmavs

The radio guy for the Mavericks. 

Callie Caplan – @CallieCaplan

Mavs reporter for the Dallas Morning News. 

Bobby Karalla – @bobbykaralla

Digital Content Manager for the team. 

Kirk Henderson – @KirkSeriousFace

The face of Mavs Twitter and Editor-in-Chief of

Nick Angstadt – @NickVanExit

Co-Host of “Locked on Mavs.” 

Isaac Harris – @IsaacLHarris

Co-Host of “Locked on Mavs.”

Jonathan Tjarks – @JonathanTjarks

A writer for the Ringer, he loves the Mavs and does talk about them quite a bit. 

MavsHighlights – @MavsHighlights

The name kinda gives it away. 

Mavs/Magic Draft – @MavsDraft

Focusing mainly on the draft Rich is a real Mavs fan and knows a lot about the team. 

Mavs Moneyball – @mavsmoneyball

SB Nations sports blog covering the Mavs. 

Dalton Trigg – @dalton_trigg

The Editor-in-Chief of Mavericks SI and host of the Step Back Mavs Podcast. 

All Things Mavs – @All_Things_Mavs

One of the biggest fan pages for Mavs. 

MFFL – @Mavs_FFL

Does a ton of updates on Mavs news. 

Dwain Price – @DwainPrice reporter. 

Eddie Sefko – @ESefko reporter.

Fishsports – @fishsports

Writes mainly cowboys but also does some work at

Mavs Step Back – @StepBackMavs

The most positive Mavs podcast ever. 

House Mavericks – @HouseMavericks

An excellent follow for all Mavs fans. 

Mavs Fans For Life – @MavsFansForLife

Twitter page for

Reddit Mavericks – @redditmavericks

A fantastic follow for all mavs fans. 

MFFLs – @The_MFFLs

A Mavs and Wings fan account. 

(Redacted) – @Squish41

Formerly Dick Nowitzki till ESPN had his account temporarily taken down because they can’t read the difference between an r and a c. 

Josh Bowe – @Boweman55 

Editor/Writer for Mavs Moneyball and Host of their pod. 

The Kobe Beef – @TheKobeBeef

Doyle Is a reporter for Forbes and Mavs Moneyball.

Mavs Network – @MavsNetwork

Tweets a lot of news in one spot. 

The Smoking Cuban – @thesmokingcuban

A fansided Mavs branch. 

Mavs PR – @MavsPR

Tweet out the lineups and any official statements from the team. 

Mavs Nation – @MavsNationCP

Tweets out news or quotes. 

Mavs Film Room – @MavsFilmRoom

Podcast that also breaks down film on twitter. 

Bibs – @BibsCorner

Co-Host of the Mavs Outsiders. Has many burner accounts. 

Reese – @MindOfReese

Co-Host of the Mavs outsiders. 

Mavs Outsiders Pod – @MavsOutsiders

Great Pod about the Mavs. 

Panda Hank – @pandahank41

Absolutely incredible follow with highlights. 

Mavrello – @MavrelloB

Mavs Hype man.

Ben Zajdel – @BenZajdel

Writes for Mavs Moneyball.

Charles – @yourguycharles

A fair mavs fan.

Mike – @ForgottenMavs

Mike has a podcast with old guys who played with the mavs, and it’s a very fun listen. 

Jason Gallagher – @jga41agher

A fantastic follow who also produces JJ Reddick’s pod.

Iztok Franco – @iztok_franko

Our Slovenian stats guru. 

X – @DatDude_X

Mavs Money Ball Writer. 

MavsCBA – @CBAMavs

Writes for Mavs Moneyball but also keeps us updated on what trades/signings will be allowed with the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

Patrick – @PatrikEngineer

Coach and Huge Mavs fan.

Lauren Gunn – @TheLaurenGunn

Mavs Moneyball writer but also always around the team.

Ry – @RyMichail

Big time fan who has great highlight clips he breaks down.

MavsMarie – @mavsmarie 

Rambunctious Mavs fan. 

The People’s Tweeter – @RKonkle_Mavs

Credentialed with Dallas Fanatic.

Kenny – @Blinddog41

Big mavs fan.

Mavs Lad – @MavsLad

Another major fan.

Glen – @Glenjr1988

Mavs fan who is usually negative but the team sometimes plays bad. 

Kendall Pugh – @PuGH_3

Big time mavs fan.

Eric – @aesthesis00

Big time mavs fan. 

If there’s anybody we left off the list, make sure to tweet at me (@BaturePreacher) or HoopSocial (@hoop_social) and leave your recommendations!

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