Best Basketball Podcasts

The Best Basketball Podcasts in 2022

Are you searching for the best basketball podcast to listen to?

There are near-infinite basketball podcasts these days, and whether you’re new to the sport or an expert looking to deepen your knowledge, it can be a bit intimidating figuring out which ones to listen to on the morning commute or the evening jog.

Worry not! I’ve curated the absolute best NBA podcasts out there for any interest level to make it easy for you to queue up a few. There are plenty of quality podcasts not on this list, too, but these are the crème de la crème.

Top 10 Best NBA Podcasts

The Lowe Post

America’s best sportswriter, Zach Lowe, collaborates with a number of high-profile basketball guests to discuss NBA current events. Even NBA coaches, players, and executives stream Lowe, the preeminent NBA tastemaker. A must-listen that does a superb job of deepening knowledge without getting too in the weeds with confusing terminology.

No Dunks

This crew of five friends has been podcasting since people still used iPods. They just recently hit their 3,000th episode (spread across several different shows). Hilarious episodes are produced daily to ensure the content is always flowing and always timely. Great for a casual listen to keep up with current events or if you just want to feel like you’re hanging out with your zany, basketball-crazed friends.

Dunc’d On / Duncan and Hollinger

Two separate podcasts that both feature Nate Duncan, one of the premier deep-dive NBA analysts. These are not the podcasts for people new to the sport, but there’s no better listen if you’re looking to delve into advanced metrics and obtuse salary cap discussions.

Brian Windhorst and The Hoop Collective

Reporter Brian Windhorst hosts a variety of fellow reporters to talk about the latest stories and news. Excellent for some behind-the-scenes details of ESPN’s biggest NBA stories and the latest rumors around the league.


A mix of long-form reporting and current-event coverage, Spinsters often has distinct stories you won’t find talked about elsewhere. The podcast covers everything from the history of team uniform designs to the shadowy world of NBA Twitter. If all of the other podcasts on this list start blurring together with the same coverage of a fake Ben Simmons trade, give Spinsters a try for something a little different.

The Dunker Spot

Nekias Duncan and former NBA assistant coach Steve Jones Jr. break down NBA and WNBA news and trends. They get into the x’s-and-o’s of basketball strategy a little more than most podcasts (Steve, in particular, is a top Twitter follow for that, too).

Thinking Basketball

Ben Taylor covers a wide variety of in-depth topics, from All-Time lists to intense analytics discussions to defensive diversity in the league. The individual episodes may be hit-or-miss for a reader, and the production schedule can be inconsistent, but Ben covers subjects that almost nobody else does in incredible detail (his YouTube series of the same name is even better). You’ll always learn something new from Thinking Basketball.

The Mismatch / The Void

Two podcasts headlined by analyst Kevin O’Connor on the Ringer podcast network. The Void goes deep on an individual player or team each week, while The Mismatch pairs O’Connor with Memphis, uh, personality Chris Vernon as they debate current events every Tuesday and Friday.

Open Floor

Several Sports Illustrated NBA writers combine cutting insight and a free-flowing vibe for an enjoyable listening experience. They do a fine job of balancing deeper cuts with a more casual conversational style, making this one of the more approachable podcasts on this list.

The Old Man and the Three

Former NBA sharpshooter JJ Redick hosts this entertaining podcast that interviews players every week. Interviews are surprisingly candid, often hysterical, and consistently educational. A great listen for people who want to hear the players’ perspectives on their peers and the behind-the-scenes life of an NBA player. The recent Draymond Green podcast is a highlight.

Bonus Basketball Podcast Recommendations

The Best NBA Draft Podcast

The best NBA Draft Podcast is Draft Deeper, hosted by Nathan Grubel. With Draft Deeper you’ll find the most in-depth prospect analysis and updates. The Draftdaq podcast is another excellent choice.

The Best WNBA Podcast

The best WNBA Podcast is WNBA Nation, which covers breaking news and analysis. Topics range from the WNBA, NCAA Women’s basketball, and occasionally other women’s sports leagues. WNBA Nation has done W History series on the Houston Comets and Candace Parker’s rookie season which are excellent listens.

Some other great WNBA pods to check out are:

  • Winsidr WNBA Show
  • Keep’n It 94×50: Codename, The W
  • The Double Down

The Best Up-And-Comping Basketball Podcast

HoopSocial Podcasts covers everything from deep draft coverage to NBA news and analysis. You can find Assisted Development, Charity Stripe Commentary, and Hoops Temple all in one feed under the HoopSocial Podcasts umbrella. The HoopSocial W show is set to be launched in the coming months- stay tuned!

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