2022 Dallas Mavericks NBA Draft Guide

The Mavericks under Donnie Nelson’s leadership have never valued the draft like they should, despite finding their entire starting backcourt in the same draft. It’s time for Nico Harrison to show us he is different.

We right now only have the 26th pick with no second rounders, so we will have to be smart and maybe trade into the second to really take advantage of this draft.

The way I see the Mavs needs are these: a Switchable Big Man, Wing Help, International Options to be stashed or for now, or Cheap Guard for if Spencer or Jalen isn’t here next year. 

Switchable Big Man

If he drops

Tari Eason

21: 6’8 215 Big LSU. Comp= James Johnson

Jason Kidd would love him as a weapon who can dribble, pass, and maybe shoot while guarding multiple positions. There are some rumors of him struggling in workouts and questions about his basketball IQ that could have him falling to the Mavs. If those questions are unfounded the Mavs could return top 10 value with their late first pick. 

In our range

EJ Liddell

21: 6’7 240 Big Ohio St. Comp= Poor Man’s Tobias Harris. 

Liddell’s height doesn’t scream big, but his vertical and timing does. His ability to switch and protect the rim would be extremely useful to the Mavs. Almost like having a second Maxi with more scoring aggression. 

Jaylin Williams

20: 6’10 240 Big Arkansas. Comp= Ed Davis ish

This might be a trade down candidate, but his IQ and positioning would be invaluable for the Mavs, someone at his size who can guard on the perimeter would absolutely be a weapon for coach Kidd. His passing can also be really special. 

Bigs To Avoid

Walker Kessler

20: 7’1 245 Pivot Auburn.  Comp= Brook Lopez 

I understand his otherworldly block totals are interesting but his flaws as a player are hard to build a defense around. He’s a better rim protector, but he’s just not Mobile enough to play in Kidd’s defensive system. 

John Butler

19: 7’1 170 Big FSU. Comp= Baby KAT. 

Butler is a Big who weighs 20 POUNDS LESS than Jalen Brunson. He will take 3-4 years of development before he will bring valuable minutes.

Wing Help

If He Drops

Kendall Brown

19: 6’8 210 Wing Baylor. Comp= Smaller AK47

Brown is a long term play, a giant guard who is an insane athlete. Baylor didn’t take advantage of his strengths and yet he still found ways to be effective when shut out of the offense. 

In Our Range

Marjon Beauchamp

22: 6’7 225 Wing Ignite. Comp= Josh Howard 

Marjon might also be slightly out of our range but someone is dropping and I think he could be the one. His skill set will be a major plus for a wing rotation that had to play waaay too many minutes this playoffs. Marjon will do all the little things and just really help the team. 

Jake LaRivera

20: 6’8 200 Forward Wake Forrest. Comp= George Niang. 

A shooter who can really solidly defend both forward spots and maybe play small ball 5 one day. Jake is an underrated athlete who could rise up boards or be in our range, either way he’s making a team happy. 

Wings to Avoid

Josh Minott

20: 6’9 205 wing Memphis. Comp= DJJ starter kit. 

Minott will take quite a while to grow into an NBA player but he will get there. The Mavs already have Josh Green as their project they shouldn’t take another. 

Patrick Baldwin Jr.

19: 6’10 205 Forward Milwaukee. Comp= Davis Bertrans

Baldwin has ridden the coattails of good high School tape. He struggled to make an impact in FIBA play and was horrible in college. He has no athletic ability and his touch has abandoned him. Any other player in his situation wouldn’t be getting NBA interest but for some reason people think he can re-capture the stroke he showed at those low levels. Mavs should stay away from Bertans with less Buckets, Bag and Bounce.

International Options

If He Falls

Ousmane Dieng

19: 6’7 210 Wing New Zealand Breakers (France). Comp= Nick Batum. 

I would be greatly surprised if Dieng falls to us while he would be a project he could continue to be a project over seas and really pay dividends for us long term. 

In Our Range

Matteo Spagnolo

19: 6’6 190 Point/Wing Vanoli Cremona (Italy). Comp= Spencer Dinwiddie 

Spagnolo is a big guard who probably needs another year over seas but could really pay off if we take him. 

Gabriele Procida 

19: 6’7 185 Forward Fortitudo (Italy). Comp=  Rudy Fernandez

Procida is the most NBA ready of the International guys and has amazing confidence, If he does come over right away he would probably find a spot in our rotation with his shooting and athleticism. 

International Picks to Avoid

Ismael Kamagate

22: 6’11 230 Pivot Paris (France). Comp= Daniel Gafford with a jumper.

Kamagate just cannot defend in space, if he could he would be the perfect player for the Mavs but his defensive rawness at this age is worrisome. 

Hugo Besson

21: 6’3 195 Guard NZ Breakers (France). Comp= Poor Mans Tyler Herro

Besson struggled in multiple clips to attack (D)rew Timme (I took away his D till he starts playing some) and that is a disaster for someone who was billed as a bench scorer known for attacking off the dribble. 

Cheap Guard

If He Falls

Tyty Washington

20: 6’3 175 Guard Kentucky. Comp= Brandon Knight Ish

Tyty isn’t shifty enough with his handle to be a full time point guard but he’s big and can guard both guard spots. He can shoot and pass. He’s exactly the kind of role player this team needs if either Spencer or Jalen leave this off season. 

In Our Range

Dalen Terry

20: 6’7 195 Wing Arizona. Comp= Bruce Brown.

Terry is also someone who could count as a wing. He’s kinda like less athletic but more skilled Josh Green but ahead of schedule (I know, even the same college). The Mavs could really play him at the 1-4 and he would fit right in as the bench guy and his passing and point running ability make him very intriguing long term as much as the short term defense would earn him minutes. 

Jaden Hardy

19: 6’5 185 Wing G-League. Comp= Jordan Clarkson

Hardy is a fantastic catch and shoot sniper who had to create too many shots in the G-League. He struggled with his handle and needs to work on that if he’s going to reach his full potential. As an off ball weapon next to Luka and Brunson (We hope) he will be a game changer for the Mavs. 

Cheep Guards to Avoid

Jean Montero

19: 6’2 180 Point Overtime Elite (Dominican Republic). Comp= Something between Schröder and Fox.

Jean is so raw and didn’t play against good enough competition for us to know if he is worth it, I would be deathly afraid to chose him. 

Aminu Mohammed

20: 6’4 180 Guard Georgetown (Nigeria). Comp= Lu Dort but not that good yet. 

Mohammed is just too raw at this point, we need someone who is more consistent now if we draft someone in the first round.

Un-Drafted Free Agent Options or Trade into the second round 

Leonardo Okeke

19: 7’0 235 Big NOVIPIÙ JB MONFERRATO (Italy/Nigeria). Comp= Thad Young lite. 

Okeke is a defensive first guy who can also flash great passing. I would swing on him if I were the Mavs. 

Kenny Lofton Jr

20: 6’7 275 Forward Louisiana Tech. Comp= Slower Mo

Lofton has shown the ability to use his timing and angles to baffle defenders for far too long for me to think it has no chance of working in the league. If he continues to lose weight (down 20 pounds since the season ended) and his shot continues to develop he could be a major hit. 

Scottie Pippen jr

22: 6’3 160 Guard Vanderbilt. Comp= Derick Fisher 

Pippen jr is a great bench guard type. He’s probably never going to start for us but could fill a role in time.

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